What’s the best cartoon show of all time ?

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  1. For ATLA: when he was talking to Zuko about his mom. For dragon prince tho…when he’s gazing up at the moon in the 4th season

  2. That scene just hit it for me. Looking at Katara reminding him of Kya.

  3. I was just like, “Dang he really loves women that are connected to the moon, huh?”

  4. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard

  5. Starlines? I think Starline Galaxy replaced the original line. You can get new ones from Paramount. But probably can get better deals if you hunt around. Might even find old stock of the originals.

  6. The ones I have are the industrial kind from 2nd photo. But I don’t see them for sale on epco’s website

  7. “Personally I don’t really see the difference”

  8. This is correct. You’re just standing around if you don’t have at least 3, but sets are made in 4 or 5 and they go for roughly $150-$250.

  9. If you’re in New England, I got mine for $50 on FB marketplace lol

  10. I always thought duckpin was only in my home state of MA 😮

  11. I’m really surprised Avatar wasn’t in the top results. That show is…fire

  12. Massachusetts. 3 kinds (candlepin, duckpin, 10-pin)

  13. Close enough to Quebec or Toronto for rubber band duckpin or 5 pin too.

  14. I think it’s more that the books are for the hardcore fans and not appealing to casual peeps

  15. Thank you, just not sure where to look to find what you’re mentioning

  16. Does the 6700xt need pcie gen 4? I have the same setup but I think my mobo has gen 3 and wondering if it’s gonna cap the card

  17. You're mainly missing SAM or resize bar if your mobo doesn't support it but other than that you should be good

  18. What is SAM and resize bar? My gpu fits but I can’t use it until Xmas then my mom pays for it

  19. My goal would be a balance of power and entertainment. Pro Bending is still entertainment for the crowd! A long lasting, successful team needs that dose of showmanship.

  20. Because the taxes on legal weed in my state are way too high

  21. Same, in MA, but I’d rather get high with regulated weed than go to jail/get a fine or not have it at all lol

  22. Weed isn't a democratic thing, nor a political thing, it's a plant and people of all types use it for various reasons.

  23. I wish that were true, but republicans have been famous for vetoing bills to legalize it even medically in some states

  24. Fam I want to keep my job. But stay tuned for official announcements!

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