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  1. Other lovely moments from the show were Ye saying "I am a Nazi." (In case his message was not getting through subtly).

  2. Full mask off. That’s ironic as he was literally wearing a mask 😂

  3. All this unwashed dick stuff is so crazy. I feel like my shower is like 80% dick washing.

  4. Yeah I don’t understand the concept of not washing the entire pelvic region thoroughly. 🤦‍♂️

  5. The airlines received money from the government to pay furloughed pilots to boot. This money was intended to prevent the exact problem you describe. 🙄

  6. Let’s bring back the phrase “better dead than red” so so apt for today’s circumstances.

  7. A man that strong wouldn't be stopped by glue. It would just result in the loss of a later or two of skin.

  8. so, when i was younger my dad and I collected all the Calvin and Hobbes books and really bonded over them together

  9. I think this is perfect. Awesome gift. If either of my kids did that for me, I’d be over the moon. (I have a son and a daughter FYI)

  10. Why the f**k does the gender of world leaders matter one whit?!?!?!? 🤦‍♂️

  11. I probably cook better than you, so how about you suck my cock and I’ll cook you a meal you’ll likely never forget 😈

  12. This was great. I needed a good laugh. Thanks ☺️

  13. And please also add a PG-Christian-Hetero label so that us parents will have a heads up.

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