Occupants surrendering. Brought a BMP-1 with them for cash reward.

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  1. Humanoid is not entirely unfeasible.. its an efficient shape for complex tasks. Its entirely possible they could have evolved independently to look at least vaguely similar

  2. Not to mention to mention this is good propaganda. If they can let potential deserters that they mean it that you won't be harmed, that's a win.

  3. Plus not only do you get paid to surrender, you can rely on receiving the money in the first place

  4. That sounds cool but unfortunately my partner is always busy the last Friday of every month :(

  5. He runs the Tuesday and Thursday gatherings at the hill top car park. He bangs your mum on the last Friday of each month

  6. When you look at how strong Christianity is with African Americans, particularly in the south you can say it was highly effective.

  7. Sure, religion as a whole has been effective across the planet in brainwashing people to fall in line for that 'eternal reward'.

  8. If your objective is/was to convert a bunch of people with one religion to your religion by “giving them christianity” well they succeeded.

  9. Inb4 Pierre and Yuki announce their retirement from F1 and jointly open a bed and breakfast place somewhere in Hokkaido.

  10. In before Pierre and Yuki are the driver lineup for Haas next year

  11. do you remember what the rogue entry was? i have been trying for hours to fix the same issue. I echoed $PATH and i do not see any suspicious paths

  12. That’s illegal innit smell of cannabis is not just cause legally

  13. As a beneficiary of the proceeds of drug dealing I am not in favour of this.

  14. Getting podiums because your competitors blew it doesn’t mean you have a good car. Also there’s no way they could have caught Max in either of those races

  15. RB definitely do have a good car tho. Ferrari do too but they have the disadvantage of being Ferrari

  16. Its one of those situations where once the words leave your mouth, they are there to be misquoted. Its why politicians pick their words very carefully. Its why when you ask a politician, they speak but are actually saying nothing at all. Unless youre liz Truss, then your foot pretty much lives in your mouth

  17. Meanwhile Kwarteng bangs a line and goes to The Queens funeral


  19. I thought that was oceanic white tips

  20. I did for the longest time but recently switched to the quest 2.

  21. Remember to put the left shoe on the left foot and the right on the right

  22. Why does Rachel Reeves hate anyone with less luck than her so much? First people on benefits, now immigrants. She shouldn't be shadow chancellor.

  23. You can plug many USB wifi dongles into your computer and have it act as a router, it doesn't require to be connected to another WiFi source. So yeah any USB wifi 6 dongle that cheaper than this would be a better buy. The only reason you'd buy this over a normal dongle is if you have 0 computer sense and don't know how to enable hotspot.

  24. You can but what you cant do with a lot of them is set the channel bandwidth. So you get stuck with a 20mhz channel which is shite

  25. As this point, if you’re a Russian Cosmonaut, you’re better off asking for asylum in the US and applying at NASA or SpaceX.

  26. Think both NASA and SpaceX can only employ US citizens

  27. I mean.. whether they’re a “true” Unionist or a false Unionist, a United Ireland is fundamentally against what a Unionist believes in. Which is Northern Irelands position as a member of the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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