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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. This is a reused article with in accurate falsehoods. BBBY network attacked last week CFO disappears from contact with SHF (dark money) Loopring network attacked Superstonk mod meme spam so no activity or investigations by 250k people 120 synthetic swap Otrex reveal The list goes on and on Short Hedge funds are cancer and need to be a piñata for all this inflation or there will be collapse.

  2. Synthetics shares, FTDs naked shorting until an iToilet announcement or positive earnings is all I’m waiting for.

  3. When COD, Battlefield, Nintendo sized projects get on board then the world will turn around on NFTs. Shill media will have to sing a different song. Right now it’s boomer owned and boomer watched nature will serve them dinner and they will wake up or go extinct.

  4. Damn how many burner accounts did you have to get to back you up on this thread sheeeeeeeeeshhhh shill

  5. I have one account and it’s my pride and joy. I don’t use burners. I don’t need to.

  6. Anyone who has to abbreviate the word ‘with’ (or even wiv) isn’t worth worrying about Your Majesty!

  7. Can I respectively ask why you’re scrutinizing their post history for making a comment that was explicitly sarcasm? Your account is 9 months old and karma farms with posts of same memes multiple times with slight variations over multiple subreddits.

  8. He looks like that guy that you always see in the office but gives you the creeps and has swollen gums when he smiles, when you get back to your desk you wonder to yourself, what does he do on his free time, imagining he disappears in his basement dungeon all weekend with his captives.

  9. I continue to be astounded at the cheap, cheap price people are willing to sell their souls for.

  10. The DTC is the final boss. With regulatory capture we have to guard Institutions.

  11. Everything being logged. The is short hedgies employing hackers to destroy and compromise company and then get main stream media to scream the sky is falling for bbby and gme.

  12. These dates are so fucking ridiculous. How many have we've seen now? GTFOH with that shit.

  13. So much anger and all I’m saying is we can have a bit of hope for bond week. Why is this push for “no dates” so perfectly fitting with shill narrative “of be discouraged and shut up”?

  14. With both bbby and gme I have started to accept that whenever it happens, it happens, and until then just do whatever I can to make my life not suck

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