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  1. Self relief shouldn't be seen as betrayal in a marriage. Sometimes my husband is sick or vice versa. And overall I don't feel sexually neglected but when either of us experiences a dip we both are fine with each other relieving ourselves rather than being a sexual nag. Sexual nagging can backfire anyway and make sex seem like a chore. So I don't understand why anyone would encourage it in a marriage

  2. Guess it depends what the other spouce is using as visual assistance for the self-relief. I have a feeling OP is more upset about him viewing other women in a lustful/ sexual sense rather than just the act of self-relief.

  3. Are you born as Christian and then never possessed? What about people who find to Christ and become delivered? Maybe then I am not a "Christian" yet by your definition... What do you believe is necessary to become one, to be able to free oneself from such oppression?

  4. If you believe that Jesus died for your sins and was resurrected 3 days later, and you have asked Him to become the ruler and leader of your life; then you, my friend, have the power of the Holy Spirit living and dwelling within you. That same power that defeated death is in you and in the name of Jesus, or Yeshua in Hebrew.

  5. Coded into the genetics. Nothing more than that. Same with every other living breeding creature.

  6. 21m, 22m, 18m. For the last 3 years.

  7. But hey! They gave us a couple credits on our Kroger Plus cards... pretty much the same thing, right?!?!

  8. Kind brand makes a high fiber cinnamon granola. It's my go to add in for Greek yogurt. Frozen blueberries or no sugar added fruit spreads are also delicious... it aaaalmost cuts the icecream cravings....

  9. To love God and to love others. My life had no hope or purpose until I found Jesus

  10. I knew everything I needed to know when she said she "clapped back"

  11. I worked at Kroger for years.... I have a buttload beautiful sunset pictures destroyed by a giant Kroger building lol

  12. Maybe those manufacturing jobs can be developed here domestically?

  13. They're building a chip plant in Columbus, Ohio right now. Hopefully, other states are doing the same.

  14. Except when he doesn’t though. Otherwise everyone who’s ever asked God to lift them out of the mud would have been lifted out of the mud. But that’s obviously not reality because people do ask for help but continue to suffer. Grr I’m getting confused sorry for all the questions I’m not trying to sound needy lol

  15. Sometimes God's timing is not our timing. Sometimes we must go through the rough times so that we can learn to lean on Him. So He can mold us into the people He needs us to be to grow His kingdom in heaven. The Bible says He works all things for good for those who love Him. It may not be on our timeline, but its always for the good of His people.

  16. Eating a piece of fruit is the equivalent of torching your parents’ couch? And why can’t God do anything to “fix” the missing piece of fruit?

  17. It wasnt just a "piece of fruit" it was fruit from a tree that opened their eyes to the sin, before they only saw good. There was another tree in that garden as well, the Tree of Life. God knew He had to separate man, now in this sinful state, from the Tree of Life before they ate from it thus causing mankind to live in sin forever. It was compassion God was showing to man by banishing them from the tree, and therefore, the garden in general. He was ultimately protecting them, all of us... idk about you, but I don't want to live here in this sinful world forever. I cannot wait for King Jesus to reign!

  18. Exactly people have become more docile, they have no purpose to fight for. They have been made into docile weak pups with netflix and sugary foods. Lost the connection with the true light/god. I’m gonna contradict myself by saying; I hope hell will break lose so people can finally wake up and see the shit show that have been going on for years. What’s done in the darkness will come to light!

  19. They're willing to give up civil liberties that our founding fathers fought for, for a false sense of security. They think papa government will keep taking care of them. They don't realize papa government has plans of their own, and I'm sure it aligns with the World Economic Forum and this "Everyone will own nothing and be happy" bullshit.

  20. Just give thanks when your heart is grateful. This question seems like your thanking Him out of obligation rather than genuine gratitude for the ability to have access to clean water or food etc.

  21. But she's an adorable champion. She reminds me of Edna from The Incredibles. Lol

  22. Don’t use bleach. Use vinegar — that shit gets rid of everything, including mold. White vinegar or apple cider works best.

  23. Those are open shelves! The app only had metal options for bookcase without backings so I customized those.

  24. Another vote for top left here! I like that the bed is tucked away so people won't be tempted to sit. The shelves between will make you feel like the BA is separate from the LA, and will give you the ability to customize each space separately depending on which side of the self your on.

  25. Wow, it’s as if Fedex had boxes for standarised print sizes!

  26. Hahahaha its a rarity I get the shrink wrapped packs to fit that perfectly though. Usually I have a gap that I end up filling with scrap paper so they don't flop around in the mail.

  27. Yeah I was told that I was gross for using a jug of water to wash my bum. I clean it with toilet paper first and then wash it and then pat dry. Most westerners just use toilet paper and say its clean so how am i gross when I wash after it's "clean" anyway. Sorry but toilet paper alone does not clean your bum.

  28. Life Hack: I use witch hazel. We just have a bottle of it on the back of the toilet. It's an astringent, so it's more sanitary than water alone, and you can just splash some on and not soak the toilet paper, preventing potential poke-throughs.

  29. Satan tried everything in his power to cause Jesus to stumble. He just needed one sin to throw off the whole plan of salvation. As for God's role in it all, He was right there along with the Son. Jesus quoted scripture back rebuking Satan and his offers for earthly riches. This temptation attempt was actually a fulfillment of prophecy from hundreds of years prior in the book of Isiah.

  30. See I still didn't get it until reading a comment that spelled it out. I kept looking for elephant penis. But I guess that says something about my mind...

  31. Christians do the same thing. Use the Bible to justify things that it was not intended to

  32. Yupp that's why I don't judge the Bible or Jesus based on other people, especially Christians, because people are flawed. I read the book for myself and make my judgments from there. It's the lense from which I view the world. It's honestly a very interesting and highly thought provoking book, I'm currently reading it from start to finish for the first time.

  33. I have been thinking the SAME thing... why hasn't the media mentioned anything about it being odd two children contracted a sexually transmitted disease?!?

  34. I charge around 65 cents / sq.inch. At 1500 that would be about 69 cents / sq inch.

  35. I work in a print shop and we do wide format printing with UV ink that can be placed outdoors with no fading etc., and we only charge $0.05 per square inch.

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