1. I second this, despite having ocd, im not a particularly tidy person and going slightly over when filling up doesn't really bother me.

  2. Optiplex 780 MT, pretty sure

  3. Nope - optiplex 740. The reason for that is the nvidia chipset. The nvidia chipset means this has an amd cpu. Yes i know. I would reccomend googling it

  4. I can say with confidence that if you are in the uk or another 240v country,flicking that switch will pop your psu. I have done it.

  5. Typical, I have a 2015 Mac Pro running Windows 10. 🤓

  6. 2004 honda jazz... cheap, will probably survive going offroading

  7. A small pile of mouse intestines... my cat like to unzip mice, eat the whole mouse and spit out the intestines. It is grim to watch and hear

  8. I haven’t tried any. I’m scared that I might ruin it.

  9. Unplug from wall, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Plug back in and report back

  10. Ask the owners if they sing and if they do sing than they are the adel simple way to identify dells

  11. Haribo gold bears. No idea why but i am literally addicted to them

  12. I have loads of core 2 era laptops. Some newer stuff but mostly older vista laptops.

  13. Glad we have the same interest. I have a load more Acer Aspire laptops that are similar to this one. One of my dads friends gave him a nearly brand new Acer Aspire (Can’t remember what number) and that was my daily driver for about 6 months. It’s still running Vista and it’s a pentium dual core. It cant run much nowadays, and comparing to the Acer in this post, this one is much better.

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