1. Knowing Ganondorf, he most likely will use Malty similar with Zant. ‘Bestow’ some of his power to her so she could cause disarray within the kingdoms. As soon he gets what he wants and Malty is no longer useful, will either leave her under the bus to be kill or kill her himself.

  2. Elitist sub watchers: “No. No! This is impossible!”

  3. My assumption that the Witness wanted to revive Nezarec so it can learn the Veil’s location. But since it only gained Nezarec’s head, it wasn’t enough to resurrect him. Instead, the Witness just used the remain to create the Tormentors.

  4. Always two, there are. No more. No less. A master and an apprentice.

  5. I wonder how the hell Jahy became second in command of the demon army? Won it from a cereal box?

  6. A theory of mine that it’s the Traveler’s “sibling”. Specifically the Pale Heart’s. While the Pale Heart is the source of primordial Light, the Veil is the source of primordial Darkness.

  7. How many kids he and Sango had by the end? 4?

  8. My theory that they are both are the primary source of their respective power into the universe (Traveler is the source of Light while the Veil is the origin of Darkness). I also believe both of those objects’ birthplace is the Black Garden.

  9. I believe the Witness is heading to the Garden (not the Black Garden), the beginning of everything in the Destiny universe, to kill the primordials of Light and Dark, the Gardener and the Winnower, to end all suffering.

  10. Ye that cool, very cool... wait, what's the black heart actually is again?

  11. The Black Heart is a cheap knockoff of the Veil.

  12. I think it should be in its own universe only to end the ship war and this is coming from a amourshipper.

  13. does this imply that the veil is not the pale heart?

  14. Make sense. I think the Veil is the true source of Darkness while the Traveler is the purist source of Light.

  15. I don’t know if I’m just dumb or it’s bad writing, but the campaign felt like it was screaming that the Veil was tied to the Light.

  16. Not the first time an artifact of Darkness was mistaken to be connected to the Traveler. I think I remember the K1 artifact was thought to be related to the Traveler, but we know better what it truly is.

  17. Like “death” will stop shippers

  18. Excited. Finally get to know how Azula’s story end.

  19. I doubt this will be the end for her story. I fully expect she'll play some sort of role in the new avatar content being made.

  20. Possibly. I just want to know what her new purpose in life , because what she has right now, “she have no purpose because she fear to seek one. Her fear is her failure.”

  21. Jisu Calerondo: “Are they, alright!”

  22. start criticizing the Witness’s goal

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