1. How much use does the magma quilt have? Considering swooping it for my partner.

  2. I have an offer on the magma but waiting for payment. If that falls through I will let u know. Maybe 14 nights, to answer your question. Thanks!

  3. I have a Simply Light Design Eclipse top quilt 50 degree apex in olive Argon. Wide. 120 shipped.

  4. I never heard from you. Let me know of still I tereated. Otherwise may post it here later today since I pulled it out to take pics. Thanks!!

  5. Yep interested!! I thought I sent you. PM last night. I dont have a message from you with the specs and asking price

  6. I sent it as a chat. I have now responded to your message under notifications as well. Thanks.

  7. I have one. It’s got some use but still good!

  8. I'm almost scared to ask, but... what's the weight limit on that Voyageur? (Usually, that's what keeps me from being able to use UL hammocks....)

  9. Sorry, just saw thus. I'm 195 and ut works fine. 225 us the xo.forta le limit I hear. It weighs 8 oz. Thanms.

  10. That's about what I figured... I'm a barrel on legs, so I need more than that under me. XD

  11. I have monolite 1.0 simply light design Voyageur. Im 190 lbs works fine. Cinch bucklles larksheaded to continuous loops, Adjustable ridgeline. comfy hammock.

  12. Colace and much water. Screw being backed up on the trail. I want perfect poos every morning directly after my cup of Joe. No messing around.

  13. I had a Warbonnet Cloudburst when I used a bridge hammock. Cheap in comparison to some, side panel pullouts and middle tie outs come standard, and the side pullout are wide for bridge. Fleaz larksheaded to ridgeline rings, zing it wrapped to tree with dutch hooks. Easy peasy. Ultimately sold it all and stuck with gathered in hammocks.

  14. I bought the orange discounted price one from Jared's website. Very happy with it. He makes them very quickly and to order.

  15. I've been wondering about that one. Did you get the full length material trimmed? I have a 1.6 hexon hammock wondering how the 1.7 wide compares. Thanks!

  16. I ordered it as is. No changes. I am 6'4", so the width was welcome and needed. This is my first hammock, so I am not deeply experienced. But it works great and I recommend it.

  17. My Warbonnet eldorado is light and roomy. My new dutchware chameleon in 1.2 hexon is crazy light and silky though. A little less roomy, but considerably lighter

  18. How tall and heavy are u if you don't mind me asking. I'm 6'1 190 and wondering about the hexon 1.2 for my next hammock. I have one in hex 1.6 that is nice. Similar feel to my Warbonnet dreamtex with a little more sag.

  19. Yel, a simply light design underquilt is your answer. Id get his Voyageur hammock too over a dutchware. All within your budget and aweso e gear.

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