1. The thing is, I want to go to a different room but I don't know if that would make the bad feelings go away. For clinical reasons I have a bad view about who I am and what I want to be. I don't think I quite fit inside my body neither with the expectations society has on me by my gender, but I don't know if I could ever feel fit in any body or with any expectation on myself. I want to go out of the room, but I don't know if it would make me happy.

  2. You could try socially transitioning but honestly it seems like something else, talk to your therapist or get one

  3. I said it about the guy who stopped the Monterey Park shooter, how are these people so fast with their tungsten balls?

  4. I love doing it, but never do it first, which is why I love it when a new player kills me

  5. Essentially the Republican (mostly conservative nowadays) party and the democrat party (mostly liberal nowadays) both predate the ending of slavery in the US, and when the Republican Party was formed, Abraham Lincoln, a liberal (relatively liberal for his time) was a leading voice in the Republican Party when it was created, because the Republican Party was liberal Back then, the Democratic Party was conservative, but then the republicans started being led by conservatives and democrats started being led by liberals, this is known as the “party switch” and when exactly it happened for either party is an argument today, but the fact is that everything that

  6. There’s legit a Ronald Reagan “community center” in one of the towns adjacent to mine

  7. It’s a community of people about creepypasta, the pasta in question being about an alternate reality where if you’re not careful you can no clip irl and end up there, the first level is endless mono yellow office hallways, the incessant birring or fluorescent lights and a perpetually moist carpet

  8. If you noclip again while in there you enter the second level, “level 1” (the yellow place is level 0), level 1 has other people and your best bet is to accept that you’ll never see your family again and simply live on level one, going beyond this is far too dangerous

  9. Well if they start dating before both eggs crack the extra steps are both people’s path to finding exactly what their identity is, because if you’re a transgender person sometimes you know as soon as your egg cracks but usually you go through a phase of thinking that you might be something else

  10. They cleaned up PotC like 20 years ago, amd no one but OP seemed to know there was any connection between a log ride and Song of the south.

  11. I really should have said “were” not “are” I’m not going to a Disney park again unless it’s part of a larger vacation with the rest of my family

  12. Yea, someone else has to be paying :D i can think of better ways to spend my vacation money.

  13. Yeah I have only been to Disneyland, I wanted to go to DisneyWorld in Orlando since I was in Orlando for an unrelated reason but when we got there it was march 2020, and the park closed when we were supposed to go in, a few days after that my dog died while I was 2000 miles away

  14. I wish I could organize garages but essentially I have fast civ cars like supers in my top garage, other civ vehicles such as all my remaining sports cars in the second to the top garage, then military/armored under that, then joke vehicles under that

  15. You’ll have to look up a YouTube video to explain exactly how to do it, but it’s basically a method to get two Head accessories on at the same time, such as ski mask/sunglasses, mask/helmet, bandana/hat.

  16. And to remove headgear from outfits and put it on others, such as the tuxedo alien

  17. I suggest scrolling through community created jobs on Social Club and bookmark them, then can then be found in-game through the jobs > bookmarked jobs (or some submenu after jobs). Maybe look up a sort of bingo / random shit wheel with a bunch of stuff and whatever it lands on you do.

  18. Would this “random shit wheel” be on a third party website or is it in game

  19. I mean if there was a landlord who was a handyman and fixed broken household appliances in the places they own themselves, then they’d be working

  20. So you start conversations with the goal of annoying people?

  21. Sound like your offended, say something you didn't like?

  22. Sounds like you’re offended, and I would ask you why, but I just did and it glazed over your smooth helmet that you wear indoors so I don’t think I can even hold a conversation, much less an argument

  23. My parents aren't entirely homophobic, it's just that they don't want me to be gay.

  24. That’s homophobic, your parents don’t love you unconditionally

  25. The secrets of the immortal Nicolas Flammel combines myth with fantasy

  26. Is it true that the real panic started only after the second tower was hit? Another commenter said that the reaction to the first tower was just.. shock, since it could have easily been an accident, but then the shock turned to panic when the second tower was hit

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