1. "we don't need another September 11 , what we do need is another September 12"

  2. Who said this? That’s an amazing quote

  3. Dont ask for karma, learn the art of karma farming

  4. I think it can be done gracefully. There’s definitely an art to doing it well without being obvious.

  5. Pro-Life Supporters, what is the logic does is argument based on?

  6. I read this theory a while back. But it read something along the lines of Truman is actually a Schizophrenic, and the movie is explaining the false reality he’s created in his mind.

  7. “Shitbox” 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Old lady gold

  8. Not a teenager but… “Stop criticizing how weird the cartoons are nowadays, the cartoons you grew up watching were just as weird if not worse”

  9. Woah there, what kinda cartoons we talkin about

  10. Wait for their Reddit Magazine to come in

  11. Gary’s Mod, I’m theory I could learn to make mods of anything

  12. The Mighty Rio Grande by This Will Destroy You

  13. I live in the untied states, pick any

  14. Depends on what you are trying to get inspiration for OP

  15. I think humans in general tend to look back at the past and remember it better than it was, rose tinted glasses if you will. But I think it’s important to have good memories to look back on, even if they are a tad different from reality.

  16. German from my understanding, there’s seasoning that goes on it but it’s better than it sounds

  17. Can we ever have a normal comment section for this question

  18. No. I read the question and knew exactly what the top comment would be

  19. The ultimate answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything

  20. I want a remastered interstellar done with modern CGI. Don’t change the damned script, same actors. But redone scenery and stuff. But based on how stuff like this has gone in the past it wouldn’t go well.

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