1. It got me an echo form and upgraded one of my claws. I then won the run cus claw deck magic

  2. I understand and agree. However, we have been on holidays, met families, spend every weekend together etc so slightly different to most long distance relationships. I said ily about 5 months ago. It’s almost been a year and a half since we started dated so I dont know what else i can do/will happen for him to love me or if it’s just time?

  3. Would you rather he say it now but not mean it? Not sure what you want him (or us) to do. There’s no magic word or action that will make him say it or make him feel love towards you assuming he doesn’t already.

  4. If looking for casual, choose the woman that has what ur looking for in a casual relationship. If looking for something serious, choose the woman that has what ur looking for in a serious relationship. Or in simpler terms, go with who you like the best. It’s not that difficult.

  5. Keep it however it is now, stock up the mats, and change it as needed. For example, just because Indra is best in equip form doesn’t mean I have any need to change into equip form right this second, until I have an actual team I need to use it on.

  6. Silence on friendly minions is a weak enough mechanic that I feel this could be a questline. Maybe something like silence 2 friendly minions to draw a card, silence another 2 to draw a card + silence all minions

  7. You try taking my two balls - you lose your two towers, Jon

  8. Nut has great animation. Baal's animation is cool even if Baal isn't.

  9. Stats-wise, Even DK is solidly T1 from Diamond through Legend, but falls off as you go into high Legend.

  10. What is Celestalon talking about "rewarding bad behavior"?

  11. Complaining about bugged interaction = bad behavior I guess, I think both are being a bit dramatic

  12. “nooo your favorite item can’t be knife piece 1, it doesn’t do anything” :17736::17736::17736:

  13. pics of edmund shitting himself in the game files

  14. Mark’s decks are cool but I wouldn’t call them semi-competitive (and I’m sure even he wouldn’t either). Roffle is probably more up OP’s alley.

  15. Ayo mittens can you leave for a sec im playing with my worm rn

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