Roms Megathread 4.0 HTML Edition 2021

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  1. I felt inclined to look it up, just the four appearances between them (more for more junior age groups to be fair).

  2. Always worth a laugh when the “where are they now” articles about ex England youth squads get published.

  3. Use the money to trademark the worlds first portable kebab pole/BBQ aka the KebaBBQ and reinvent the club as a mid range fast food company, 10-15 years and I reckon they could cover most high streets in the north west.

  4. One KebaBBQ special please, hold the Coleman's mustard but have you got any gar-alli-ic sauce?

  5. Surely there’s a matchday catering goldmine in there somewhere

  6. Doubt you will have a problem with roms from the megathread.

  7. Baffles me how a pro footballer in this day and age can even be arsed liking shit like that on insta. Can’t tell if their doing it for a wind up or they genuinely just think it’s a half decent idea. Saying that though, the way agents stir up gossip nowadays, hardly a surprise if there’s a 30 man PR team spending days plotting these moves like a military offensive. Which is equally as comical considering all he’s done is pressed a like button.

  8. Hi all, used an emulator yearssss ago and it worked fine and recently got reintroduced to it, so got up and running on Eclipse as it seemed the easiest and most foolproof for someone like me haha. I’ve had a scroll through the megathread and can find the roms easily and what not.

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