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  1. I might have to call and ask if they know M/A or spinoff is coming

  2. Why haven’t you averaged down at all? The past couple days were a steal

  3. Because that are either trollin or shillin

  4. Haha. Nice idea. But what I am wondering is that. Why wouldn't you rather put a video about bbby? It might go viral and get us more recognition. We should create a cute/funny video. And it should have bbby in it.

  5. It went straight to it for me. On android. That list is insane. Crazy to see BiggySmallzzz being banned. Number 1 on the list too.

  6. Does anyone here know where the share update post is for what the sub holds? I wanted to add what I bought today.

  7. Holy shit. Reading the comments here and the shillery is thick af. Smells like someone is paying India chat centers to work overtime

  8. They said "options" but didn't specify calls or puts

  9. Can they buy me out for 1k per share? We're talkin cash 💵

  10. I was planning on voting no, but today I have decided to vote yes. Might as well. Fuck it.

  11. Not a lot of extra money, but got a bump from a new teachers union contract today. Just bought 410 more. Now I'm tapped out. It's fun to watch after market/hours move just because you bought shares 🤙

  12. I should’ve done the same, these days people want over $0.60 a round for that corrosive crap!

  13. My rounds aren't corrosive at all. Those cans keep them in A+ condition.

  14. I just want to say I love you guys, and I will go down with the ship / bathtub.

  15. Good luck getting any kid to actually teach themselves without a teacher in the room

  16. Price failure waive is up and it’s odd they would pick that day! I can feel it in my plums! 😆

  17. Was there a post about a price failure waive wave? What is that all about?

  18. Wonder how many puts were purchased before this happened 🤔 or how many calls were sold

  19. Over the past months I've tripled my position, got called a shill like 69 times on this sub and I feel like a regard being 50% down.

  20. I got downvoted today for saying going 5%+ down wasn't what I would call bullish. There are some weird posts getting a ton of upvotes.

  21. To be completely honest, daily dips of 5%+ do not indicate bullishness.

  22. Oh, sweet. Never heard it called that before.

  23. How good are these for gaming? They look nice. Do they have a mic? Can anyone recommend some gaming headsets from GameStop?

  24. These are basically $90 headphones with a $9 mic stapled on. It sounds like a Dell call center. I got it because i already have a mic but rarely a headset would be convenient. Good Bluetooth enabled headphones tho. I'm using it on Switch, Android, and PC.

  25. Thanks for the info. I have a Turtle Beach one and it's falling apart. Didn't know what a good set would be to get. Nice purchase dude 👌

  26. Please report the count properly if you haven't already

  27. NFA, but maybe set a limit buy just in case hedgies gonna hedgie. We all know the algorithm lets it run up in PM till about 9-9:15, and then it seems to drop a little just in time for the bell to ring, and then here comes the drop until it barcodes.

  28. I usually go with option B myself, only because I'm usually working and can't watch the ticker. I prefer to fire and forget

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