The Mar-a-Lago Raid Has Led to a Full-On GOP Meltdown

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  1. I don't see why they are going to be investing in something that fewer and fewer people are going too be using, 5% of cars sold are already EVs and that's going to be over 20% by the end of the decade.

  2. I'd wager to guess it's because there's still profit to be had on the sale of gas to the 95% of cars/trucks on the road.

  3. Get used to hearing a phrase used by another republican president. "I do not recall."

  4. The prosecution would like to enter into evidence this quote from July 2020:

  5. I’m in a completely different field (IT) but had a manager like that. Like, I was giving it all I had and consistently outperforming my coworkers but every 1 on 1 he’d ask me to think of ways to improve. Every time it was like a god damn running kick straight in the dick.

  6. Also IT here with 2 different stories to tell:

  7. That's the same combination as my luggage

  8. The Law & Order President throwing a fit because the Law & Order FBI Director he nominated is enforcing Law & Order.

  9. This is spam. Seemingly spreads through every city subreddit.

  10. FYI: Website has been reported to Hosting and Domain provider

  11. Ah yes. Do they have more elaborate ones that look like deceptions?

  12. I'd be weary of shipping snap-pops. Might be considered fireworks and get the entire shipment seized.

  13. Cheetos Mac N Cheese was a hit with my nieces/nephews on a recent visit.

  14. If it's random weekend or after hours work I'd be game.

  15. Browse through this video series and see what you find:

  16. Drive through neighborhoods you want to live in and just look for For Rent signs.

  17. Considering this deal was in the works WELL before this passing they are thanking Dewine and that fact is keeping a lot of people awake these days

  18. From what's been said Intel had already planned to build 2 fabs regardless.

  19. They tend to do that when they repave the roads.

  20. China: I'm gonna wave my fists around in the air like this and if you get in my way it's not my fault.

  21. Scene75 has GoKarts so no need for a sim. Pretty certain they have basketball games as well.

  22. I believe more in Scientology than I do the MyPillow and would still be ok with them renting booth space.

  23. Maybe they just wanted the 14 DVD Box set of Rick Steves travels Europe that comes with every pledge of $1200 or more.

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