1. the mod “Weaponized Junk” made playthroughs fun. Instead of beating bandits to death with a traditional pleb sword or mace I found the tankard to be my new weapon of choice

  2. When you’re using the bathroom at the House Of Balloons and the dookie won’t flush

  3. Wise words from my grandmother on my mom’s side:

  4. Both of them are trash. I ain’t flying no woman out unless that woman is my:

  5. Reminds me of the color of my Focus ST, I love it!

  6. I used to have a re-occurring nightmare of this in my childhood

  7. “Yeh I’m getting sent to the horny gulag”

  8. I know :/ I started setting boundaries in order to save myself from heartache but I set myself on fire at the first drop of a ball without even realizing it

  9. I feel you. I just started trying to set boundaries for myself as well. I’ve lost touch w/ who I am just due to the fact that I’ve let my parents, friends & ex-girlfriends come into my life and pretty much run the entire show. Now I’m learning that giving someone else thst power over you is dehumanizing, it’s not good for the soul. I wish you the best of luck in your life journey, you deserve to be happy too.

  10. This reminds me of “The Poughkeepsie Tapes”, I don’t like it. This post got a genuine visceral reaction from me, I fell in love with this sub all over again!

  11. Drugs/Substances have nothing to do with spirituality. Drugs get you closer to the devil. You cannot be spiritual if you need drugs to be “enlightened”. You have broken the rules of being free of attachments which most major religions present for a reason.

  12. I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to express your own outlook on this post, we all have the freedom to do so. But in that regard, please be mindful that if OP wants to experiment with psychedelics then that’s their provocative. Everyone’s spiritual journey is different.

  13. I was hypersexual from a really early age (I can recall my first sexual thoughts at 7 years old), all the way to my mid 20s. Ever since that it feels like I've reversed and almost become asexual (I say almost, as I still like the idea of sex and what not, I just can't really get in the mood when it's go time).

  14. I too had started becoming hypersexualized at 7. It got to the point where a female friend of mines & I “experimented” which was honestly way too young for us to be doing any of that. My mother didn’t take it well, there was a lot of verbal & some physical abuse on that day..

  15. Been asking myself this question for some years now OP, can’t say I have an answer to provide but I honestly thank you & appreciate you for not being afraid to ask this question, as well as indirectly letting me know that I’m not alone.

  16. Never understood the intent behind this. If u didn’t want the dog anymore then why not just give it up for adoption or crate it off to the nearest shelter? Hell, go online and offer it up to a breeder or, as a last resort, sell the damn thing on Facebook. I just feel like there’s too many resources in our modern world to just say “ima yeet this dog and literally walk out of its life.”

  17. Nauseous after the smell of that refrigerator ravages my nose

  18. Blindly throwing my trust around like it was something I could just “make up” to myself later on.

  19. We’ll either get thru it or murder livers in the process!

  20. I remember seeing posts like this awhile ago when the war first started and I couldn’t help but think there was truth behind it

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