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  1. I'm currently looking at some more fenders, and other beginner guitars that could be good for me and I think I agree I would enjoy that one you chose. What about for an amp?

  2. That sounds like a great idea!! Is it quite small? The picture looks small, i would love to get to play around and find what suits me best for sure so I think it would be a great idea

  3. Tom Jones probably, Tom Ellis too,

  4. Only in the USA. In Canada, we made an astronaut our head of state and…

  5. Technically she was the representative for the head of state. But yeah, that didn’t go well.

  6. Yeah, the teachers weren’t involved at all in the CUPE political action.

  7. The movie takes place in 1955, that guitar was not released until 1958.

  8. I don’t take issue with that joke, because not only was rock and roll already a thing by November 1955, but Chick Berry was already recording songs for Chess by that point.

  9. You get an upvote for having a Yorkville sound cable…

  10. So you are telling me teachers who earn 80k-90K are going to suffer? ok

  11. It might not be directly from AliExpress, but the bracelets are or were supposed to be a thing

  12. Where are you guys located? I want to hit up your shop next time in in TO.

  13. I just know Chapman from the Andertons channel. What’s wrong with him?

  14. Make a diagnosis? I think I insulted you, but if it cut that deep there must be some truth.

  15. Minor nitpick, but George Harrison had a solo album before that called Wonderwall Music

  16. And another called electronic sound

  17. Yeah i'm feeling pretty stupid. especially since i've been playing this guitar for 4 years now and i never once stopped to think about it.

  18. What’s the difference between the Traditional Pro 335 and the standard 335?

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