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  1. Hit 80 couple days ago now it's just log in do world tour each day and that's it. I'm bored out of my mind.

  2. Some people don't mind being alone. I actually am most happy when I'm alone.

  3. RDF was part of the 1000 cuts that lead us down the path of WoW many of us can't recognize. You can't single things out and say: "Here's the ONE reason why WoW died". It is a web of so many things, and I would agree with you that the modern information pipeline is another reason as to why WoW went down a sad path.

  4. Not including RDF in WoTLK classic is not going to fix the past decade of WoW development. Sure it may have caused a chain of unfortunate features but was RDF in it's infant state during WoTLK so bad? No. I'd argue it was the only time it was actually fun!

  5. Not including RDF by itself won't fix everything, but if your goal is to preserve certain aspects of the Classic era that strongly differentiate it from retail it's a necessary step. That there are other steps doesn't make it pointless.

  6. I agree, in a perfect world we'd retain the feeling of classic. The problem is that can't be had no matter what you change in the game. The problem lies with the players, and you can't change that. The removal of RDF and implementation of the scuffed LFG tool has not changed player behavior. People don't socialize. They min-max who gets invited to their groups and then when the dungeon actually starts no one speaks. The feeling people are chasing is nostalgia and it just ain't there no matter what you change.

  7. About 3.5 days /played solo questing as ret. did a handful of dungeons between 60-70

  8. How the fuck do you lvl so fast? I'm playing warrio, just did quests. Only lvl 27 atm. Didn't spend long time aside from questing. I use questie, bit still feels slow. I guess I do some of the quests that doesn't make sense, but how do I know?

  9. I also should have said I used Zygor guides. That speeds it up a lot if you don't know exactly where to go.

  10. I was levelling a pally but figured I will get invited to literally every group as a mage. 10/10 reroll

  11. Holy pal is insta invite as well

  12. Even more so for Rets, people only want 0-1 per raid, they just aren't good until ICC and even then they aren't topping the meter.

  13. Why aren't they good exactly? I haven't researched any meta stuff. In my TBC leveling dungeons I was always top DPS.

  14. It’ll most likely be one of the blue wizards that were mentioned in the books but never given a name so they can play around with their own interpretation of it

  15. Wiki says Saruman and Alatar were the first to arrive in middle-earth. They all have names.

  16. I give both eps 7.5/10. The irish hobbit accents and the scottish dwarf accents are really quite bad. Music could have been better. Music was the focus of the LOTR movies and it's why they are such an experience. Seems like "background sound" in this show. Very generic stuff.

  17. I just use razer synapse to create a macro that pushes w every 15 seconds and s every 25 seconds..

  18. I've done macros for other games with synapse but I've heard a handful of stories over the years of people getting banned for them in WoW. That might be AHK macros or something though.

  19. Guild Wars 2, Ff14, and ESO offer the same or better value for money. And they have competent project management as well.

  20. If you consider ESO good value for your money your entire opinion just falls apart. There are like 9000 paid DLCs and predatory paid features like the craft-bag.

  21. The craft bag isn’t predatory, and for 15 dollars a month you get everything but the most current expansion, and unlike WOW the current expansion in ESO doesn’t delegitimize the rest of the game.

  22. That's literally the same as WoW. You get every xpac but the most current one. Without all the extra BS microtransactions. There is 10x more content than ESO in WoW.

  23. The beatings will continue until morale improves

  24. Can we get a source for this graph please?

  25. Can people stop acting like LE is going to be a competitor to PoE? Like you people just seem desperate at this point. Let LE be what it wants to be. Quit trying to weigh it down with the need to be against the largest ARPG to ever exist.

  26. LE has great build diversity and depth rivaling PoE in its early days. I see LE as very early PoE which makes it seem promising to me. I don't want it to be the same at all but PoE needs a competitor to come in and give them a good kick in the arse. I could see LE being part of that given enough time.

  27. My question is just where the fuck is hard mode and why am I playing it?

  28. Oh dw I've already quit the league. Not giving them a penny or a +1 player count.

  29. People are very cringe and imature do review bomb games

  30. It's not review bombing. I don't recommend the game anymore. Simple as that.

  31. The one unique thing about PoE compared to any other ARPG was it's speed and fast gameplay. Constant dopamine hits from exploding packs and loot everywhere. That shit was fun as hell. Why they would want to change that one SUPER unique aspect and make the game the same as other slow ARPGs is beyond me. PoE won't be unique anymore. It won't fill a niche anymore. It will be just another "diablo like" ARPG.

  32. Esoro's LS build is not anywhere near being well updated or optimized. It recommends crap like HoI and Farruls. The amount of people that come to the LS discord struggling to gear up and level with Esoro's build is too damn high. Stop recommending this guide.

  33. I didn't know there's an LS discord. The one I found is Fuzzy's LS Slave discord? Is that the one you're talking about?

  34. Cartoon art style is timeless while every game that has attempted realistic graphics has aged terribly.

  35. *New ways to do things inefficiently

  36. God this reminds me how much I DON'T miss reading his stupid ass NPC dialogue.

  37. Free in the sense that you're also getting a huge defensive boon as well with the same node. It's a hell of a lot more value than any other method of getting tailwind.

  38. That reminds me forbidden rite that it was designed for ocu but it was soooo good with totems

  39. CoC FR Occy is pretty amazing, although expensive

  40. I really hope there's a new chaos skill to go along with new Trickster! I think it's time I get back to my old time fav PURPLE SKILLS

  41. The end of an era... I will miss the banter and just overall amazing chemistry. Captainlance and Grimro are AMAZING content creators though so also hyped for them.

  42. Why can't they stop moving for even a split second? Is that just normal monkey behavior?

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