Russia has depleted its modernised equipment, military analyst says

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  1. The location of this statue : Eagle Rock, Kerala, India.

  2. It seems to be so, but the place is called Eagle Rock as per google, not sure what the locals call it.

  3. Sorry foe the late reply, the issue is resolved and thank you for your support

  4. By selecting a hostile or neutral entity and opening the info screen (T by default, I think) you can see the size of the critter. Chickens are small, sheep, deer and humanoids are medium, I don't think I've seen a large critter. Maybe cows?

  5. Sorry for the late reply, the issue is resolved and thanks for the tips

  6. What the...? How do you deplete weapons? and can't they just make more or buy from china?

  7. By AI villager, do you mean like perfect computer npc that does the job with insane efficiency that they are literally monsters?

  8. Waiting for Cape of Turffield/wherever a cape exists

  9. The images are all Access Denied or The Site Is Closed, but manga is pretty weird with a decapicated Arbok and Rayquaza impaling someone

  10. Thanks buddy and what do you mean by decapitated arbok?, I didn't send you such links

  11. Wow this map reminds me of Magna Gracia except with different culture, And the place names seems to have a unspeakable pattern, Is this a new culture or influenced on irl culture?

  12. Species name: Itharian Description:  itharians are a semi-humanoid species with reptilian-like appearance, they are characterized by their massive size and voracious appetite. Despite their reptilian looks, itharians possess notably huge breast which help them stay afloat in the water. These creatures also possess sharp teeth, claws and a powerful and heavy prehensile tail. Their mandibles are strong but they aren’t designed to crush bone, instead their teeth work as hooks to grab onto their prey, while they engulf it. Another notable characteristic of this species is their reproduction, as itharians are hermaphrodites. Diet: itharians are mainly carnivorous, they mostly hunt near or in water. Mainly their diet consists of fish and animals unfortunate enough to get near them, but if given the chance they will devour anything no matter its size or actual nutritional value. Itharians rarely process their food in any way, instead they just engulf it entirely and digest it for weeks, they have been known to eat other intelligent species and even members of their own species.

  13. I wouldn't say its the perfect concept or the best drawing but I still appreciate your talent

  14. I respect some small countries opposing china, But this....,

  15. As someone who have been through this phase few years ago, I can say few things that I have personally triggered for hate towards Muslims,

  16. You think the only Muslims in India are descendants of Muslim kings? Islam was in India before the Mughals. Muslim traders from the Middle East had trade relations with the people on the west coast. Most Indian Muslims are converts not descendants. If you have taken the trouble of educating yourself please try to eliminate those wrong notions. Race and religion are two different things . You can’t change the former , you can change the latter. So why should Indian Muslims have any guilt or apologize for the actions of some Muslim kings some 1000 years ago. That’s ridiculous. It’s like expecting Hindus to feel guilty for king Aśoka’s conquests.

  17. For a second I thought you made a wallpaper out of a map and itemframe

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