This man noticed something stuck in the mud before driving over it

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  1. I don’t know why EA thinks that people won’t buy a remastered BC game, EA have a bunch of good IPs and they don’t even bother to make a team to work on remastering/remaking them.

  2. Have you tried searching for it on the PSN store? I just did and found both of the DLCs 👍

  3. I couldn’t not find the expansion pass on PS5 store, if I look for them separately they will tell me to buy them again.

  4. And for sure I’m will attend the crown prince cup simi-final :slightly_smiling:

  5. It could’ve been a spell cast by Odin when he stabbed him (mostly since the Odin boss fight is basically a purely magic boss fight) to make sure he couldn’t aid Kratos against him

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