Yall turned around so quick

When the love is out of control.


That's a little funny

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

I needed this today

To the MOON.

[Happy crab noises]

  1. Did you agree to a job offer and sign it or was it an informational call and they asked you if you would accept $55k and you said yes?

  2. It was an informational call but I asked for time to review the offer

  3. Corporate lawyer or corporate recruiter? It says both in the post.

  4. the sound quality can't be that far off. Technology has come a long way.

  5. If you're still looking. Was about to write a review on this one

  6. It is fucking pathetic how many people in here still simp for this fucking lunatic. oMg HiS bEaTs ArE sO fIrE!!11!!

  7. You can log onto your sterling account to check if your crb report has been completed by them. After that there is nothing you can do besides waiting for the account to get activated

  8. Nah fam that's way too long, check the greenlight hub on st botolph in London

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