1. I think if Legend of Dragoon ever makes the comeback it should be as remake, when finally this franchise gets the following it deserves (aside from us old fans) Sony could drop prequel, sequel, everything they want!

  2. Didn't notice the modded buttons at first, I thought OP was referring to putting the controller in that position on his leg (I do it sometimes and the dualsense almost fell. TWICE. Nightmare fuel)

  3. Maybe he's collecting protagonists only from before Persona became mainstream

  4. There's no need to rush the main campaign, if you don't have enough power to finish levels using one or less revives I would suggest to focus more on daily missions, events etc and use the AP to skip dive those levels that you already completed to get materials.

  5. Ok the medals are the worst, find a guide that tells you when and where you need to find victory uchidna because if you miss his medals since the dlc doesn’t exist you cannot get them. Also there are 5-7 medals you can only get from the farm. When you are after them do 4 farms of all ultimate Digimon and look up what save resetting is for those medals. I loved the first game…..the only trophy that truly sucks is the 500 medals but you want to do it before moving to the second game because you can bring those 500 medals over to count towards the 700 needed in the second game.

  6. So you're gonna murder your instructor who is teaching you about firearms for yelling at you for being a dumbass with firearms?

  7. actually the upcoming FF7 Ever Crisis tells the entire story of FF7 (crisis core, ff7, advent children, dirge of cerberus, etc) and ALSO the past of Sephiroth, which is where this artist most likely got the idea to draw him with short hair. u can check the amazing cutscene from the Ever Crisis trailer that shows young Sephiroth

  8. Now that's epic! I didn't know that thx for sharing! I'll most definitely check it out

  9. yeah it’s all gonna be redone in the style of the original FF7 game but with HD models. if you’re fond of that traditional gameplay, it’ll be one hell of a ride! for now, they’re only releasing it on mobile, which is a shame but it still looks amazing and there’s no P2W bs thankfully

  10. Oh yeah I knew about ff7 ever crisis but wasn't aware of the fact that Sephirots backstory is gonna be included 😍

  11. Or doing what most underage teens do when creating a Youtube account: saying you're 18

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