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  1. I'm not covered for theft and it's still $220 a month.

  2. Because they factor in the other cars getting stolen. Insurance is a group effort.

  3. Apparently Disney was supposed to be on the north shore before they picked Orlando. One swamp to the next.

  4. Walt was probably only concerned with getting the cheapest land possible in a warm weather location. I think it rains too much here to have that level of amusement park be successful.

  5. the delusion that nola is the best place on earth is part of the problem. but good luck convincing any of them otherwise. it’s kind of part of the deal when you live here…. Pretending it’s not politically corrupt with a barely functioning government, economy and infrastructure. Pretending the unique culture makes up for all those things is crazy naive but that’s the nola way 🤣

  6. Just browsing this sub for even a week or so would show most people living here don't think it's the best place on earth. If I could find what New Orleans offered literally anywhere else in America I would move there without thinking twice. The uniqueness of New Orleans isn't available anywhere else. It's definitely living in the Caribbean in America.

  7. Huh. Two employees were brutally murdered. This is amazing exposure ? Are you out of your mind ?

  8. Did you know about this restaurant before the murders? No? It's terrific exposure that came from something tragic.

  9. If Costco had to operate separate free standing retail shops that only sold their caramels, they wouldn’t be $12 a box.

  10. Isn't See's owned by Berkshire Hathaway? They make more money than Costco. They can easily afford to price their caramels at $12 a box.

  11. A lot of racist undertones in those YouTube comments.

  12. He probably had an awful end of the year when holidays are supposed to be the bread and butter. Now it's the slowest time of the year and they're just fed up with people coming in and not eating/drinking. Bothering them. I would be too. He's in the business to make money.

  13. The holidays aren't bread and butter in a college town. All the students are gone.

  14. 10 vacation days a year. There’s life outside of work.

  15. the government. the whole country is blue vs red. there’s no middle ground ?

  16. Just get a young model to wear those shoes and watch the price skyrocket. People are weird as shit.

  17. Doesn't make sense to not sell an item they sell by the thousands. Just make them year round. It's like cancelling the hot dog. Costco doesn't like money.

  18. I am sure the focus is on the most profitable items--not the most popular.

  19. They'd sell still if they were double the price. People like them. Keep selling them.

  20. Lol, you got some odd expectations for Costco. Like to the point where I'm confused why you're in the sub?

  21. You think a 4500 calorie pizza is something every pizza place is doing? It's nothing but pounds of cheese heavy dough and grease. Everything served at the food court is cafeteria food.

  22. That pizza is pretty damn good not gonna lie… better than most fast food pizza places, and cheaper too

  23. Its cafeteria pizza. Y'all need some tastebuds. A great cheap way to feed the kids but hardly anything special.

  24. Think about the specific reasons that made you love it while you were here last summer. Then think about whether those things are going to be a realistic piece of your every day life if you move here for real. If they are, then no one else can tell you that you shouldn't move here. It's your life to do whatever the fuck you want.

  25. Carjacking doesn't happen everywhere. It's incredible to say something like maybe you'll get carjacked maybe you won't like it's a normal thing.

  26. Abstinence education should be the course of action with fentanyl. Such a little bit can kill you. It's not really comparable to sex. If you can't test your drugs don't do the drugs.

  27. She is a stone cold sociopath. I'm certain her pregnancies were motivated more as a way to soften her image in the eyes of a jury and judge than they were from a desire to be a mother.

  28. Ehh she's no spring chicken anymore. Her pregnancies could be motivated by her age but knowing her personality it's not likely.

  29. He had a good education, a place to live in a lovely area, could have worked for the FBI and lived happily ever after helping others.

  30. What's most confusing is his choice of majors with his drug history. He would never be hired by the FBI. They are a bunch of squares. No drugs.

  31. Nobody who posts provocative bathing suit photos to the public IS safe. Professional models do NOT associate their photo shoots with their home, and their addresses are private. In this case, these girls took photos from inside their bedrooms. They revealed plans on Instagram. They revealed worksites. And they were honest & thus trusting. It never occurred to the girls that the amount of private info THEY GAVE AWAY was risky.

  32. It's 2023 you can get most personal information about someone in a few searches without much effort. All you need is a name. Unfortunately if someone wants to kill you (man or woman) it's never been easier. We can all be a victim even taking the precautions you mentioned.

  33. It's a shit ton of kids doing it too. Kia/Hyundai is going to be sued til Jesus comes back for their cheapness.

  34. These are a group of regular bros looking to drink gamble and eat. The regular family oriented boat tours are not what they want. Charter a fishing boat if anything.

  35. Also, Nagin fought a lot of the projects that money was supposed to go to. Such as turning the lower 9th ward into a new airport, or turning Gert Town into a new stadium. Basically a lot of the plans were to eminent domain traditionally poor black neighborhoods flatten them and turn them into infrastructure.

  36. Why would you put an airport in the hardest hit flood area?

  37. This is the thing that people miss the most. Little Caesars is the pizza of the working class family. Name any other place that can feed a family of 4 for 5 bucks.

  38. They're in tons of grocery stores and much cheaper there.

  39. The sabatassos box calls it a thin crispy crust. Is that not true?

  40. Take yourself over to the forums to get better answers than you'd find on Reddit.

  41. Got it, just to make sure, property taxes are forever right?

  42. They'd tax you when you were dead too if they if could.

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