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  1. No kidding, I heard this happened to some people (on the internet, but still…)

  2. It happened to us, on the couch. She screamed, we laughed, we continued.

  3. For the last 5 minutes I have been constantly laughing, my tears are coming out. Haven't laughed like this in a while

  4. Same here, ngl I'm disappointed they're actors.

  5. I just order my snus from Sweden. Yeah, most of the time it comes with a huge duty bill, but the selection is way more than what they get down south.

  6. this was my first trekking experience and my first visit to North East part of India. rainbow falls is located in cherrapunji. on the way there were huge bridges, rocks, naturally formed bridges and lagoons. Hindi and khasi were the languages spoken by most visitors and i know neither of them. however i had some interesting conversation with tourists who communicated in English and narrated about this place and meghalaya.

  7. Idk why you're getting downvoted. I'm glad you had a good experience, it looks beautiful.

  8. Yup, it was -30 today and we went for a 40 minute walk. Not too long. They don't understand why we don't wanna go some days because of the poor weather so I try to tough it out for them. Lab cross and two standard poodles. Booties for all and jackets for the poodles. One of the poodles doesn't like to go out when the weather is crap.

  9. Did you even watch the video? The cheater has a radar hack. Not an aimbot. The third guy he tried to kill was behind the building at the Hyundai, but the cheater thought he was on the closer side of the building.

  10. i've always wondered why high ping players don't just get funneled onto a separate server system. so all high ping players, whether foreign or domestic, can enjoy each others company away from serious players...

  11. I asked a SEA player who I got teamed up with what his ping was, he said it was 180. I play at 95-105 and I live in NA.

  12. This definitely isn't nextfuckinglevel.

  13. What in the random af, that made me laugh!

  14. I'm wondering if you have communicated your concerns to him, he may be completely oblivious if you haven't? If he's aware of your needs and is ignoring you still that's a red flag. Perhaps he's not selfless enough for marriage quite yet. Good luck OP!

  15. I initially thought, where else would you put it? But after seeing your comment I realize you hit the nail on the head.

  16. Ok this made me fuckin laugh. Hilarious!

  17. ive found it twice in squad games.

  18. Asking the important question, we need to know!

  19. He tried to save them and they didn’t listen, now it’s time to kick ass

  20. Lol his little cheap shots were so weak, however I think he scored the ko on the big dude.

  21. When people ask what street smarts are, it’s guy in the red shoes

  22. I watched this video like 7 times and never noticed what he was doing. He even pickpocketed the big guy in the end.

  23. Who buys this filth? If only it was that easy!

  24. I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it as well.

  25. I hate that timer they added for grenades. It removed a skill based action!

  26. Despite the ridiculous amount of cheating, lack of duo, lack of ranked modes, it's still my game of choice.

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