1. I thought it was only when the government doled out free money to the "Great Unwashed" that caused an influx into cryptocurrency...

  2. Strong ass white bread. The last white bread I bought got destroyed just dabbing the peanut butter and jelly on.

  3. I know the owner and the driver of this Bronco. The kid driving was 18 years old, he broke his arm furring this accident but other then that he is not hurt.

  4. Cars are so much safer these days. If I had totaled my parents' fairly new car, I know I would have suffered at least a delayed concussion.

  5. My 10 year old has the same setup on his favorite Rocket League car.

  6. But you'd completely missed that dramatic shovel drop if he maintained focus on the train.

  7. It's like somebody dug one of my 1st CAD projects from college out of the trash can and built it.

  8. I like using Top Spots in QuikPark. It's the same parking structure and shuttles as QuikPark, but it's about $2/day cheaper.

  9. There's a guy with a churro trailer that sets up on the weekends on the corner of Beverly and Atlantic. He might cater.

  10. The Wreck, Lake Elsinore. It's very divey and has its own library and a ping pong table.

  11. It looks like a good product for the niche market it's going after. For the general public it's like a Jigsaw contraption where you choose scalded hand or scalded balls.

  12. I think I saw it at WinCo a while ago, but the search app above says I would be wrong.

  13. Looks like those loan payments are making it hard for them to keep food on the table.

  14. With commitment issues like that he'll fit right in here at Reddit when he's older.

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