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  1. Why only one wee little bag? Fill er up!

  2. Such a gorgeous pupper 🥰❤️ What breed is our dear old babushka?

  3. Mostly Jack Russel terrier and papillon mix and some other things for sure (need to do a DNA test sometime!), she’s a beautiful babushka mutt! :)

  4. Well I’ll be remaking this dish for lunch tomorrow so if enough people are interested I can upload a picture of that dish with the minions sans clothing, I will NOT repeat the mistake of eating their overalls again!

  5. That’s what you’d expect! But it depends on the type of banana they consume, sometimes their diet does indeed makes them taste like bananas. But the minions available near me only eat the Chiquita variety, which oddly enough makes them taste more like Flaming hot Cheetos.

  6. You're actually superimposing a picture of Jesus Christ on these phrases?

  7. Jesus was grounded, empathetic, generous, humble and kind with both his words and actions, he would never endorse ANY of the vitriol that Trump spews, yet evangelicals love Trump all the same. The purpose of this post is to capture both the cognitive dissonance and the hypocrisy of the Christians that believe that Trump embodies ANY of the values that Jesus shared in his teachings. If Trump were to actually meet the gentle kind man pictured here in person, it’s not a far flung prediction that Trump would likely assign more than one of the unkind labels listed here to Jesus.

  8. Yeah the freedom to go murder 50+ innocent humans in a theater, grocery store or school should definitely take precedence over the freedom to go about your day without the fear of being gunned down by a man with an automatic or semi-automatic gun

  9. Serious question, I genuinely don’t know the answer to this, if someone has a “standard” health insurance policy in the US, and has a 10 year old child they have covered under their policy….would their health insurance cover the delivery costs (upwards of 20k+, not to mention all the prenatal care costs) of that dependent 10 year old whom is pregnant? …or is the 10 year old somehow expected to cover that cost herself? Not to mention the next 18+ years of healthcare for that offspring?

  10. Episode 11: how illegal immigrants are causing the housing crisis, coming into our country and buying up all the modest $500,000 homes!

  11. I was amazed that Gohmert complained that Republicans weren't allowed to lie to the FBI. This kind of expression does not intersect with reality.

  12. When you’re taught to distrust absolutely everything, including facts that have been decisively determined through an insurmountable amount of research and investigation, you will falsely believe that all people lie under oath, which couldn’t be farther from the truth as a widespread phenomenon (tho the right is making very clear their own personal approach to this) but addressing cognitive dissonance with doubling down is a hell of a drug and when your worldview is collapsing in on itself it’s the only thing left you have to cling onto

  13. hard to imagine a republican concerned about womens rights

  14. Hey they know their place and they are perfectly happy there, just ask Ben Shapiro’s wife!

  15. How is personal choice authoritarianism? If the government came into your house and FORCED you to abort your baby then YES that would be authoritarian, but the government hasn’t forced abortion on anyone that didn’t want one. What’s authoritarian is if they FORCE you to complete a pregnancy you don’t want (which they now will). That is is fascist, that is authoritarian.

  16. It’s pretty flooded still, you can’t walk the length of the beach yet, the path you choose in will lead to an island like section, the section I was in (Collins beach area) there was only 10-15 feet of beach in front of the tree line. The trail in was also pretty flooded at the end so wear shoes that you don’t mind being submerged in muddy water :)

  17. Yes minor perhaps wasn’t the best word choice, it was a 5 ft wide sinkhole on the side of the road back in January (big problem!) but the hole is covered, what it looks like now is just slightly uneven gravel portions of the road which you end up driving over anyways, it is still wide enough for cars to go both directions (well by european standards atleast!) but they chose to direct it as one way traffic and it has lead to a huge traffic mess. They need to adjust the signal because it makes the light green an equal amount of time both directions even though there’s no cars coming the other direction but a big bottleneck of cars coming from the other direction

  18. The reason it is so bad is the two way road goes down to one-lane for a short portion of Reeder road and traffic is controlled by a temporary traffic light, which lasts less than 10 seconds each direction. The problem is they don’t adjust it’s length for the current flow of traffic. It’s an equal amount of signal time going both directions, even though 99% of the cars are heading the same direction (early- towards the beach afternoon/evening- away from beach). They need a flagger there on the weekends or adjust the signal because it took me over 2 hours to go less than 3 miles trying to leave the beach because of that light.

  19. Yeah it was causing a shit ton of emissions having everyone idling there for that long. Getting out of that situation today on a bike would still be a bit dicey though, when it’s bumper to bumper and there’s no bike lane, going in the opposing traffic lane can get scary when someone quickly comes around the bend, but yes biking someplace different next weekend sounds like a lovely plan! :)

  20. The list of failures is too long for a meme format. Has he ever had a success?

  21. Successful in brainwashing people like my parents into thinking he is a successful businessman!

  22. I’ve seen some interesting NFTs made by some compelling artists, 3D art with movement elements, but the NFT market is also catching the interest of a lot of grifters eager to get in on the trend without actually contributing anything of artistic substance

  23. Subscribe to our wine collectors club today to enjoy this month’s special: a white supremacy Chardonnay, a make America white again Riesling, a bottle of liberal tears Pinot, and our most popular red, the Hurrah Syrah, which pays homage to the confederate men who so bravely fought for “states rights” aka their god given right to enslave fellow Americans forever and ever amen. Raise a glass to the Land of the free!

  24. Go to any Turkish supermarket. They''ll have all you need and more for about 1/3 of appies prices. Usually better stuff too.

  25. Just make your own mix, add a piece of cinnamon, a few pieces of carnation, vanilla, nutmeg and an anise star if you’re into that. All of this can be re-used for other dishes.

  26. Read this in the New York Times today “The Netherlands has less I.C.U. capacity than many wealthy European nations, with 6.7 beds per 100,000 people, compared with 19 in France and 14 in the United States, according to the Our World in Data Project at the University of Oxford.” Sounds like it’s about time the Netherlands invest more in its own healthcare system so that all us vaccinated folks don’t have to suffer another hard strict lockdown just because there is an insufficient number of ICU beds for those who choose to stay unvaccinated

  27. Are there any grocery stores in Amsterdam that accept payment with credit card or a non-Dutch bank debit card? Or do they all only accept cash or Dutch debit for payment? Thank you!

  28. waxo says:

    All supermarkets accept all cards.

  29. Thank you so much crackanape and Waxo for the insights!!

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