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  1. Rmb when Barbatos was in everyone’s top Gundam during that season? Now replace that with Aerial.

  2. He's 11. Aerial's here because she has my favorite shield. I love newtype bs and Aerial is almost there.

  3. No arguments there, I’m loving Aerial as well! My list is extremely similar to yours haha

  4. People like him are keeping the servers up.

  5. This is nice. Not every girl has to be with Rudeus. And I’m happy to see side characters moving along with their lives happily.

  6. Gundam has always been about people getting fked rite?

  7. Davido…you were supposed to take her to the moon

  8. Am I missing out on smth? Why is everyone clowning on the guy

  9. The only one to beat Aizen is Aizen so no.

  10. Had the pleasure of visiting the pop up event in Akihabara, which had this shown on display!

  11. OP didn’t read the original source code.

  12. I mean, i read the manga a long while ago, and I dont recall Kobeni ever giving a blowjob, cuz Id remember if she did

  13. I’m kidding m8 haha. Instead of source material, I used source code instead, since the scene can only be viewed by the most sophisticated of fans.

  14. It was really cool! I wasn't too surprised that all the horny pictures were not to be photographed.

  15. I feel bad for tank mains. You literally can’t win unless you play Zarya. Her current position in the meta is way too unhealthy and there seriously needs to be changes made to either her or other heroes to counter her more. -GM5 Tank player here

  16. OP the type of guy to get rejected by 2D girls.

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