1. The person you think of as "yourself" exists only for you. Every person you meet, creates a version of "you" in their heads. There are thousands differents versions of yourself out there, in people's minds. "you" exist in each version, and yet your "you", "yourself", isnt really a "someone" at all.

  2. It comes in infinite ways. Whether its verbal or even physical. Coercion, treating an adult like a child, harrassing or even manipulation. Making someone feel any type of way to obtain anything in return, on purpose. Intimidation. Hurting someone/something (animals in general) for fun is obvious abuse.

  3. Dont water the plants that shouldn't have the privilege of seeing the sun.

  4. Blowjobs. I dont like it and never will.

  5. When your missing some of your teeth but you're not afraid to smile <3

  6. Grow up. Learn patience! Most of all, LISTEN to your wife and ACCEPT that she may know more about some things than YOU! Be HUMBLE and be willing to LEARN from her to be her su-chef. She will love you for that.

  7. What the fuck you mean ? He tried MULTIPLE TIMES as he said in the post, in vain. She obviously is the problem in that situation. He did nothing wrong, he tried to talk about it, which led to her being totally immature and abusive.

  8. Bridgette Wilson Sampras Never heard someone say she was pretty. I think she was and still is pretty decent.

  9. You ever heard a song a couple of times and you liked it or whatever, but then you hear it again and you're like, "Fuck, this is the best song I've ever heard. "like you already knew it existed but for some reason it feels really good to you that time and you're like wow I want to hear it again so you play it again and you think that you're gonna play it one more time but then you play it again..and again..and again. You fall in love with the rhythm, you fall in love with the lyrics and everything related to it. You can't get enough. It's constantly in your head and all you want is this song. I think that's what it's like to fall in love. You've known this person for a while, but one day something about them catches you off guard. Then you start talking to them, which is like playing, and you want to keep talking to them, so you do it, which is like repeating it, then you fall in love with their eyes, you fall in love with their smile, you fall in love with their personality, you fall in love with everything about them, you can't get enough of it, it's constantly on your mind and all you want is that person. I think falling in love is like discovering your favorite song

  10. What the fuck you mean ? He had suspicions, EVERYONE would've done the same exact thing. Dont tell me you wouldn't. Plus, i'd rather discover it like that than being probably cheated on. She isnt a victim in this situation neither is he. Thats just called not being mature enough to think about your exes. Wtf

  11. Vasily Aleksandrovich Arkhipov The guy prevented a Soviet nuclear torpedo launch during the Cuban Missile Crisis on the October 27th 1962, so that WW3 wouldnt happen.

  12. This comment section i cant. Yes you need to tell her the truth, everything, But you have the absolute right to leave her if you want, thats not questionnable at all. Its your right to go through this alone or not. Your decision to stay or not. I dont know why people in the comments are arguing about it. Ok you guys can stay friends if youre willing too, but you can stop as well. Consent works for everyone in any sort of way in life. Shouldnt be a debate.

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