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  1. I can’t believe this kid Even..straight asshole…this generation is screwed..smh

  2. Wtf that is amazing…💪💪👏👏👏good work

  3. Jeremy dewitte Lmaooo dude is a idiot..go watch him on YouTube good ol orlando Florida

  4. Partied all the way till the morning too .

  5. Brooo just let them check the car u would have been home already…u proved none of your points and now u have to pay a ticket…news flash buddy your not bigger then the law..and i don’t even like the law either

  6. To put your phone on silent in case your wife calls

  7. As of now there protecting the world from space invaders….if not that there doing back flips in the anti gravity machine…so assume they have been buying up all the Pokémon cards too…they control the market they don’t even want space..

  8. U better make him eat it all I can’t believe u as a parent he must be disciplined for not eating all the wing ..just kidding wanted to see how ridiculous it sounded

  9. no, i use my horrible posing to distract my opponent. then i run away Jack Sparrow like

  10. The good ol wind up fist …I approve of your style bro

  11. Let it go man be true to your beard..respect it and it will respect u so don’t go puttin it on no bad potang

  12. I kinda want to know what’s going on with the other people now …not the fish

  13. Good thing it’s your opinion cause it’s not at all

  14. I bet it’s a quad auto patch mini in there or a redemption for any card of your choice..

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