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  1. Where’s the insurance guy ?? The one from the commercial

  2. I’m getting the feeling it wasn’t meant to be …he should probably leave that was definitely a sign to not get married

  3. I’m stepping on it …I’ll apologize later

  4. Damn I just started the game I can’t wait for my shit to look like this and spazz out

  5. i remember getting this in bl2. i farmed frosty whole day to have my pc blue screened to come back 10 levels behind and all my legendary class gone. it was a rough day. especially after googling about it and the very first response was to use backup before starting the game back up again. that message was just a second too late.

  6. Damn I remember the days of farming frosty 🥶

  7. I just bought it on sale for like $30 and I've been enjoying it. I went in with 0 expectations and edge runners under my belt. Idk what people felt so entitled to instead of enjoying it for what it is

  8. I also just bought on sale on ps5 after playing the trial I had to have it ..this game is 🔥🔥🔥 glad I waited and didn’t buy when it first released…almost best $27 i ever spent

  9. I also like many bought the game beat it found all dice and reached top level then quit game. It just made me want to play bl3 so it definitely did it’s job of making me want to play bl again for hours and hours just wish tiny had more to do

  10. I would suggest to turn the difficulty to the max if this is not your first BL game.

  11. That’s a definite I feel for this game I played on normal and the AI was so dumb acting and I was op The Whole time

  12. Conversly, normal is very relaxed game play for a first play through. I can come home after work, roll a blunt, and knock out a few missions with limited effort.

  13. True I too enjoy some good thc and easy game play I agree but It was just too easy I wanted the enemy to live longer so I can enjoy smashing them with hammers and shit not 2 shot kill

  14. The roommate has to go …ol nasty mf.. And how dirty did it get for them to clean it finally?? Lol Some people are comfortable in trash and filth I doubt they have good hygiene either..just tell them to fix that sh ol dirty ass dude

  15. It’s super light don’t u see how it moves all around when there is no wind blowing…

  16. There’s more than one…impossible to just pin point one title….good luck

  17. I definitely like bl3 the most out of all them even wonderlands..bl3 was just great to me I like the level design and the loot even like some of the story line but game play wise it was the best

  18. Forbidden west is good on ps4 just long load time and miles morales is good too both are 🔥🔥can’t go wrong with either but u will get More playing time out of forbidden west

  19. God of war always in spartan mode …killin s**t

  20. Heat is garbage not going to lie I love racing jdm cars and all that good stuff but heat the scenery just seems dead The Whole time no life to it hopefully nfs 2022 will be good

  21. Can’t u 100% everything without photos right?

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