1. I've read them and, quite frankly, they weren't funny at all. Whoever picked the comedies name needs to be sacked.

  2. Whatever one is on sale, it’s going to end up in a case anyways.

  3. This will definitely get you a lot more tortillas, or tortoises or whatever tort stands for


  5. Kind of? I guess not really damages but the right to sue? Never heard of it in the context of car insurance.

  6. Imagine permanently damaging your hearing to Mambo no. 5

  7. Ive had many a trips to the ER for panic attacks that I thought were cardiac events. Get a pulse oximeter to give you peace of mind that you're not dying.

  8. Uhh, how does a pulse oximeter give you peace of mind that you're not dying from a cardiac event?

  9. My gym teacher not to trust the BMI as it can't account for muscle mass. For all we know anon could have some muscle but still be fat.

  10. Target pillowfort curtains are total blackout. They’re very heavy so you need a good sturdy curtain rod, but we use them for our kids rooms and they work great.

  11. I second that. Other blackout curtains are crap compared to the Target ones.

  12. This meme is hilarious for the exact opposite reason that the person who made it thinks it is lol

  13. Ye, this guy is the reason why I can't complete my coding tasks

  14. because of an edited photo about the top monthly post?

  15. Yeah I was able to figure out that it has problems with mathematical sets and filtering them by specific conditions

  16. I’ve heard them talk about that in a documentary, they learned to coordinate over time. Both are teachers now I believe.

  17. They blurt out stuff to finish the other’s sentences. I’d be so annoyed. YES ABBY YOU KNOW WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY, BUT SHUT THE FUCK UP IM TALKING TO THE CAMERA.

  18. I don't believe you are that incapable of figuring out what I meant. If the number steadily grew every time I saw it, that would be acceptable. It is completely random between 20-70 every time I see it.

  19. It's almost like different people use different criteria?

  20. what's brown and rhymes with snoop 😳😳😳

  21. doubt it's a good source for most, but it's an attempt at extra income and showing motivation and understanding

  22. Average household income in India is <$300/mo.


  24. Are they mice, or rats? They're likely rats. And friend, you need to get a professional ASAP.


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