Citizens chant "CCP, step down" and "Xi Jinping, step down" in the streets of Shanghai, China

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  1. no, but if you keep being here you will get spoiled by us instead

  2. i still enjoyed the ending despite being spoiled. i mean come on everyone knows we are going to get the happy end. everyone knows Batman will win and Joker will lose but it just doesnt matter.

  3. thanks for sharing, will definitely incorporate it into my japan playthroughs. another good one is to annex sindh - manageable by lots of small countries easily. then begin a play to conquer juicy 14 million pop punjab state. in lots of cases france backs us for obligation and punjab backs down. free real estate

  4. gm lulu main here, used to be 1001th in the world in 2009. 1. get scorch and cheapshot/relentless hunter. 2. tier3 boots rush. 3.early game prioritise harass over protection with E. lulu has extremely efficient trading pattern of E+AA+Q that goes in one second, then disengage if necessary. with cheapshot and scorch during this 1 second you outdamage anyone. 4. shurelia only. 5. lulu kites like crazy and roams better than anyone with relentless+tier3. ignite is your super friend. flash+ignite+combo does 45% hp of most midlaners, that alone can win games. 6. good luck mastering her, lulu is super fun

  5. i usually run scorch for lane, except when i'm with a hypercarry like Kog Jinx Vayne Twitch i'd go for gathering storm instead because these characters don't play for lane, i also go AH minor rune instead of AP, idk if that's subopimal or not ?

  6. in practice all these characters play for lane too. or, to rephrase it, you needn't sacrifice too much of early power in favor of 20 min powerspike. same logic as with why people go doran blade instead of cull. i maintain that lulu is surprisingly explosive and you need to play off it. minor runes are always attack speed+double armor/one armor one mr. btw good point - minor runes alone make a huge diff for some reason. about domination - always play domination instead of something like cookies or whatever. slightly more risk but much better gains.

  7. Grisaia for sure. At first I was baffled by Yuuji's behavior: dumb brick not seeing girls' advances? talking shit all the time? valuing stupid principles over people around him? Then it clicked that I behave like that all the time. -.-

  8. i see only two good options for KS2, no matter if under that name or not. one is about mental disabilities. another is about different people dealing with one disability, like a parabasketball team. the first option is much more challenging to write but way more rewarding. the second is basically aokana

  9. highest wr comps would be a combination of easily applicable hard cc and currently-overtuned champs. nilah/viego/kat+cc bots like amumu/varus/liss/naut/leona/sera/renata

  10. only construction points matter and those require money. with enough construction you'll have more construction. radicals and such won't matter after maxing out guaranteed liberties and dedicated police. vague 'more money into economy' is never as much as creating new jobs and new factories our way

  11. I like how two potentially immortal species are ranked differently. even there some are more equal than others

  12. ignore the urge to over-optimize, it destroys all fun. after getting good at the game im unable to play more than 1 year of stellaris without having extreme headaches while still blaming myself for not doing everything perfectly

  13. I remember a WOG saying he just tried to imagine what is the most horrific thing that can be accomplished with temporal powers and came with Gray Boy's skillset. your theory is entertaining, though

  14. hive mind, not having any unique opinions. reddit is better than most places but even here there is only one opinion about any given issue at the time. sheep.

  15. you see, there are objective differences between people of different races. im talking about basic biology stuff. different races sure can cross-breed and offspring will be fertile but there are two problems. one, mixture of genes creates bugs in our gene ai. the most outrageous example is when a 1.9 meter tall Swede marries a 1.3m Pigmy woman - in many cases she can't even carry to birth. between other, less-distantly related races differences are smaller but they do exist. Second, there is literally zero research on LONG-term consequences of interracial marriages. sure first gen offspring is 99% of the times fine. ok what about 2nd? 3rd? no one has any idea because taboo. taboo my ass, i wanna know if i can make babies with asians safely

  16. I'm not disagreeing with you about whether another Chinese revolution is inevitable, or whether this is a black swan moment or a white swan moment. I'm just saying that what the commenter described in their post (an unpredictable and massive event) is a black swan. They may be incorrect in using the term, but it's the term they were looking for / explicitly described in the words following "white swan".

  17. what I'm saying is that what's happening on the video is not a black swan by any means. it is perfectly predictable that super hard lockdown measures would lead to some resistance, perhaps even riots. black swans are something different. black swan is not about likely or unlikely - it's about things that are completely outside our scope of prediction. even my earlier chinese monarchy analogy is not a real black swan. black swan is creation of the internet to our medieval ancestors, or discovery of a functional FTL drive for us, or lemurs conquering madagascar. nassim taleb wrote for years about that: a successful predicter does not need to imagine what kind of crazy thing is going to happen - he merely needs to predict that something is going to happen, and plan accordingly

  18. I don't think I have anything to add beyond my last comment, but thanks for taking the time to explain your point of view.

  19. of all the people that agreed to disagree with me you were the most polite, thank you as well

  20. I think most people are xenophiles in politics but xenophobes in private matters. We will support research agreements with those capable fish-people but to see those smelly alien creatures next door? Haha as if

  21. on an unrelated note, can you advise me something similar to Majikoi? censorship status is irrelevant

  22. No, censorship status is relevant. Did you buy Majikoi from Jast?

  23. yeah i always buy from them if they have it. jast are the most convenient store

  24. The most broken of them all is for Japan to get Sindh and then immegiately justify on Punjab 14mil capital state. 7/10 of my games I had the French supporting me for an obligation lmao

  25. yeah we still don't like them. everything on the picture is perfect, except for the Cliffs

  26. The Unbidden. I really enjoy the concept, what they were supposed to be: entire armadas of incomprehensible beings so powerful that they start a war while feasting on us. They are just that much stronger, and there's nothing lesser beings such as us can do about it.

  27. some gameplay done right may be a slight bonus but its too hard to pull off correctly so its not worth the bother. take little busters: they designed an incredibly complex system that gets too tedious very quickly so people just turn it off.

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