Someone turns to reddit when their brother is in danger of dying in the Buffalo Blizzard of 2022

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  1. I'm an email security analyst, so may be able to help, but need more info...

  2. It was actually pretty good, I like peanut butter pickle sandwiches so I figured it would be kind of the same thing.

  3. I have tried powdered but yeah it's the skim milk texture that freaks me out. The reconstituted evap doesn't seem so bad.

  4. Hence my delight at his focused viewing of my favorite ST series. :)

  5. Not many options in Texas besides the gulf coast...

  6. I was on the southern route. Not many national forests. Had some great camping at Amistad Lake, and Seminole Canyon State Park! The gulf coast was great, free camping right on the beach! But sand gets everywhere after a few weeks...

  7. My main tool is a single burner butane canister stove (with an adapter hose for propane, both as a backup fuel and for sub freezing temps).

  8. Is there a particular power bank you're fond of?

  9. There is nowhere in my opinion where you can ethically plug in for free. But you can stop in most convenient stores- they usually have a microwave for their burritos, burgers and such. Even then I would feel like I need to buy something to utilize their amenities.

  10. I read every bit of documentation on all our consumers that I could get my hands on before buying things and starting building. After we bought major components, I also got a power meter and conducted some real world testing. I measured how much power the refrigerator consumes in 24 hours empty (worst case scenario), and recorded temperature as well. We also cooked some typical meals on our stove to measure power. Same with the oven.

  11. I've done two winters in NJ at beach resort towns. I'm really into it.

  12. It’s so so good, it is Wisconsin cheddar sauce for their pretzel bites but they also sell it as a side/dip.

  13. Read the book during my half year car-based proof-of-concept trial (i.e. before investing in upgrading to a van).

  14. Hash brown patties, it was breakfast time, which explains why I was drinking a beer

  15. I’m a female and use a garden watering can I got from a dollar tree. It’s thin enough to use btwn my legs and I can pour it out into anything or on the ground conspicuously. Holds a lot.

  16. Most generally, you pay taxes in every state in which you work. In some states there is no income tax and in other states you have to be there for a month or make a minimum amount before you owe tax. But in some states you owe taxes from day 1.

  17. The host even brought up the point about knocking at people’s home at 10pm. He brought up a good point that our vehicle is our home.

  18. Reading this as a part time van dweller in a country where it snows biennially and is a novelty but it never snows in my part of the country, this is an eye opener to what others go through.

  19. As someone who hates driving on snow, I'm happy for you! :)

  20. Occasionally we get a nightly low of - 4 but that's the lowest and it's never that cold long enough for things to start freezing.

  21. Cold outside and good sun today. I have three overripe bananas on standby so banana bread intitated at 10am...

  22. That NOAA radio robot voice gets oddly comforting.

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