My Cheelai cosplay!! :D

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  1. im happy how of this beautiful flex journey

  2. When you’re done with that, let’s see how durable it is.

  3. When you're done with that, let's see how strong it is in sword fighting

  4. The weebs gon be saying sum bs like “WeLl Acshully the age of consent in Ja-“

  5. This is the absolute reason why I switched from English to Japanese. Once I knew that they replaced all of Vic's voice lines, I instantly switched to Japanese.

  6. DB Legends are absolute assholes for replacing ALL of Vic's voice lines with Johnny. Don't get me wrong, Johnny does absolutely amazing but Vic's voice...it captures how truly crazy and savage Z Broly was.

  7. The green is for the slime that covers him and the red is for his eyes/chest hole things.

  8. Fun fact: The slime is actually melting his skin, and the red thing on his chest is actually his exposed heart.

  9. Oldest of six and the only girl. I feel your pain on a spiritual level.

  10. Oldest of 4. I feel both of your pain on a maximum spiritual level.

  11. Omg it looks amazing! Good job op! It looks really cool and awesome.

  12. Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is looking a bit different than what I remember...

  13. Ayyyy a fellow BT3 enjoyer. Also have u tried BT4 (well its not official but its a hella great mod and it almost feels like it was made officially)

  14. No??? The whole point of great ape is a GIANT Monkey. If they took out that giant part of it, i would be hella disappointed. Gotta admit tho it looks funny as hell.

  15. And a cell as well. Like the one that goes from semi perfect to perfect. I would like to see that.

  16. I'm a simple man, I upvoted the instant I read about punching MUI in the face

  17. The first one yet. A ssj3 Goku and ssj2 Vegeta from the fight as a tag unit could come in a few years down the line.

  18. Nah, that doesn't sound like a good idea. People will just use their alt to get free lfs.

  19. Awww i like how Mitsuri is just on top of Kyojuro

  20. Bro if they add Vegeta as a skin of TW, he better have Vegeta's technique ™️ instead of knives.

  21. Bruh he and Cancerhan fucking traumatized an entire player’s generation back then

  22. I think people will REALLY mind if he cuts in with a zenkai

  23. You really gotta use that voice line of boujack lmao.

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