1. Like someone else said, a lot of issues I have with the game could be fixed by adding more stuff. I’d gladly do the slot thing and hunt for collectibles if they actually had a purpose. You can get hundred of big coins halfway through the game, same with koko. And at that point you already have everything they buy you. Adding unlockable cosmetics or maybe more skills would increase the desire to actually explore/fight

  2. I tried to switch to unreal and was overwhelmed lol. The only reason I switched back to dreams is that I’m not yet ready to commit to learning it all. I will be one day though

  3. Parry is super overpowered. If you’re on PC get the cyberspace tweaks mod, it changes various game mechanics including the parry and makes it time based

  4. Feel the same way, what a terrible way to end it. Final Bosses are supposed to test you on every mechanic you learned so far and this was basically a hard minigame.

  5. I get the feeling it was due to time constraints, which has been the biggest reason why sonic games have fallen short in the past. It’s sad such a good game had to be hampered by such issues but it is what it is. Hopefully Sega will finally see that enough time = a better product after this.

  6. I honestly loved it, but that's because I do enjoy bullet hell games, so it was a delightful surprise for me and kind of reminded me of how Nier Automata incorporated bullet hell elements. It was the first boss in the game that I couldn't beat on my first try (still loved the other fights though), so I appreciated the spike in challenge. That being said, I can understand the disappointment for those who were hoping for a more standard super sonic fight.

  7. Yeah it also reminded me of Nier, but the thing with that game is that the mechanic was introduced as a gameplay element in the very beginning, so it’s what I expected. It just felt strange for them to use that gimmick specifically as the final final boss. Honestly would’ve been more fun in my opinion as a sort of mini boss though.

  8. I mean you could theoretically enhance someone’s speed by a decent amount but I feel like only replacing the spine to do it is just sci-fi stuff… for now. You’d probably have to replace all your limbs with cybernetics

  9. Damn bruh, I really just wanna know how you get that many because I'm pretty far into the game but only have a few. Idk what areas of the map I should be looking at.

  10. Big’s fishing mini game! It’s super easy especially in the later islands to get a bunch of exchange tokens if you just fish for like 20 minutes. After that you can buy 1k plus koko with like 200 of the tokens. I would almost suggest to not do it until late game so you still have a reason to explore and look for koko though

  11. I will never understand why they didn't allow us to pick how many levels we want to get or change at the hermit.

  12. There’s a mod that quickens the process, but you still have to manually select each level. I’d be less frustrated if the speed boost was more noticeable lol

  13. We’ll probably become advanced enough to copy a brains inner workings down to a tee, but there’s so many unknowns in regards to what actually makes up consciousness. Some would argue it’s the soul. Whatever that thing is that makes us.. well, us, I’m assuming would be lost. It would be like identical twins living the same life with the same experiences, then one twin dying. At least that’s what I think

  14. I think it’s hilarious, but agree that it would make sense to be on the air assault helmet

  15. Is there a way to reply bosses? I beat the first titan really quickly and feel like I didn’t get to appreciate it enough!

  16. Not quite sure what you mean but just played several new forge maps and modes w/ friends by searching under map/mode editor

  17. In MCC you can search custom games set up by random players, and I’m wondering if that’s possible in infinite.

  18. “Killed his mom” ???!!!! He doesn’t deserve this slander 😭

  19. Oh man this is some smooth animation especially for dreams standards

  20. It’s actually made in dreams, a game that acts as a game engine on PS4 and PS5. If you have it, here’s where you’d find it there

  21. Shadow fighting bionicles. I don’t know what is even going on but I am already liking this head canon

  22. You now make the second person who thought it was a bionicle… perhaps I need to tweak the design a bit 😂

  23. Coming back to this to say yep it does it on pc as well regardless of mods lmao

  24. Let there be flight, it’s the flying car mod

  25. The protests are working, considering everyone’s talking about it. Plus the paintings didn’t get damaged since they’re covered with glass. There’s pretty much no downside

  26. Honestly as much as I love 06 Shadow, SA2 Shadow feels more like a character. I do like how reserved and focused he is in 06 but he had a snarkyness to him that was lost after he stopped being Sonic’s rival

  27. There’s not enough variety in the core to differentiate myself from other players so I don’t use it. Unless you buy from the store you look like a carbon copy of everyone else wearing it

  28. Maybe put a rotator on whatever the camera is attached to?

  29. The fact that i can take down cyberpsychos 2x my level because my blade skill allows me to hit at an inconceivable rate and my sandevistan allows me to do that x2, my health regenerates even while being hit and i release an electric discharge if i’m really damaged… I’d say yeah, V is just overpowered lol

  30. safe to say the :( was an understatement. The whole SD I loaded windows on got corrupted or something

  31. hah, I accidentally unplugged my hub rather than this other USB and it completely wrecked the windows filesystem on the portable drive I had windows 2 go installed on. Reinstalled and it works but i've been like fuck windows let's just find a way to do what I want on linux/ steamOS

  32. Yeah i think i just ended up unplugging it too many times and it got corrupted. I know i should just learn to use linux but i’m lazy 😪

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