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Innocent laughter

When laughter meets percussion

When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. Then Baki jumps out of the plane the instant it hits, using the impact to increase his farts efficiency to land on the nearest source of water

  2. 4th image man 💀 bro so beefy his arm looks like that of an action figure (not that I haven’t seen Baki art does this before that image just stand out the most)

  3. Woah how, I love the show but all the comments I see is everyone sayings it’s boring and hating on it

  4. Baki wanted to kill ali because ali wanted to kill him without intended to risk his life as most fighter do.

  5. And I think because it’s the first time Toku saw Baki that way, maybe he was scared shitless 💀

  6. yeah even Chiba can't perfectly copy Ohma's techniques

  7. Yeah and that mf create the illusion of different people of different ages 💀

  8. hey redditor from 6 years ago, are you still alive?

  9. This either belongs in, or was ripped straight from,

  10. fr, i strongly dislike people saying that they don't like current lookism because "it's all over the place" when in reality everything that is happening rn came from a seed planted in the early chapter

  11. Literally the gang fights were supposed to happen and I see people getting upset because it happens 💀

  12. What are those crossover girlfriends 😭 wtf did I miss

  13. Nah I think they were discussing how much he makes and that he wouldn’t make that couple mil from his fight like he would in the public fights. I think he just scheduled a fight with Baki randomly for free

  14. Yeah Tokugawa was just making sure if he really wanted the fight by bringing up his salary and the fact that his fight with Baki won’t bring any money

  15. Fights that are not in the underground I guess? But I doubt he gets much from it

  16. Some black dude standing behind, ik where this is going

  17. Remember when Rentarou saw a glimpse of her as a young adult, but brushes it off thinking it was just his imagination?

  18. I would say page 7 is more fitting as page 9 in my opinion is more like Rentarou spacing out with her elegant gestures but still Thanks for the info bro

  19. Shits just happen to turn into a meme, thought I believe the song Swag like Ohio played a relevant part

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