whats a “fun fact” that isn’t fun at all?

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  1. French Canadian is stronger example, they have quite a big difference to France - accent wise. However, my other half speaks English as 2nd language and if someone has a very neutral light accent from an Anglophone country, he can't tell. Especially middle-class Australians or American versus Brits. He thought Cate Blanchette was British for a long time. It can be very hard to tell without big indicators. Usually vocabulary choice is the way to tell.

  2. I'm an American and would have gone to the grave thinking Cate Blanchette was English were it not for this post.

  3. Yeahh i think i will def let HR know asap 🥺

  4. Not HR, but I'm a hiring manager, and the hiring manager is the one who will care about when you are or aren't there.

  5. What's your current burnout level? If you're already burned out or on the brink, I would pass. But if you're managing fine,and have a goal for the money to keep you motivated, I think you'll be able to pull it off and recover. It'll suck, but having an end date will make it much more manageable than if you're working like that with no end in sight.

  6. Thanks for posting; I'm seriously considering registering. How much time passed between joining the registry, being matched, and the actual surgery?

  7. I have been considering donating for a while now. I know there is the whole family voucher plan so that my family gets moved higher on the list if they ever need a new kidney. But something my long term girlfriend is concerned about is if our future kids have any problems, as I would be donating before I have kids. Do you know if the vouchers can apply to family members that are not born yet?

  8. That puts one of my big fears to rest - that I'd donate and one of my family members would end up needing a kidney that I could have provided. Thanks for dropping that info!

  9. The Washington Square in Philadelphia is also a potter's field for yellow fever victims.

  10. In addition to being a graveyard, Logan Circle was also where people were publicly executed.

  11. I mean the teachers had guns too when I went to school in GA/TX in the earlier 2000s.

  12. Being from Philadelphia, this is absolutely wild to me. I got a stern talking to for posing Charlie's angels style with finger guns in pictures taken at a school dance.

  13. Yep. Both my parents are alcoholics and I don’t drink because it brings back too many bad memories. But it’s inappropriate to say that to people so I just say “I just never got into it”.

  14. I didn't start drinking till my late 20s because I grew up with an alcoholic father and sister. I was afraid I would be an alcoholic too.

  15. Every stylist I've ever had special hairdos done by preferred second day hair because it holds the style better. But you could always contact the stylist and ask what they prefer.

  16. Is there any way to contact the stylist? They’ll know best what they want.

  17. Better, but just know it's like a trial and error with antidepressants, they affect everyone differently and take a while to work so take it as prescribed and if it isn't working after the given time don't give up. Just tell the doctor and they will try a different one. It's a process but it can lead to serious help.

  18. I like to think of my psychiatrist as a wizard of sorts who gave me a couple of different potions till we found what works.

  19. All social issues aside...kids are assholes and are terrible to each other. Groups of kids/teens will find any way possible to exclude or include others based on superficial means. They don't know what they're doing or why...mostly just repeating things their parents say, or doing things based on issues or topics they don't have a grasp of.

  20. The number one reason I don't have kids is that they're terrible people who I don't want to associate with. I did enough of that growing up.

  21. Job hoping. If you haven't done so, start applying to jobs that are a step up till you're at the level you want to be at.

  22. Started wearing rash guards last summer and I'm never wearing anything else to the beach again.

  23. I was a sophomore in HS (so around 16) taking the last leg of my county's sex ed class. It was a co-ed day, so our full gym class of about 30 kids was in the room. Topic was STD's. The teacher mentioned oral sex a few times and I guess which diseases can be spread through it. One guy who was always pretty quiet and shy raised his hand and said "I just don't really understand how you can get an STD from talking about sex..."

  24. I thought the same thing when I first heard of oral sex. I don't remember how I found out the real meaning.

  25. When you shave your legs and wash your sheets on the same day

  26. It is probably a bar challenge like "if you can drink x much while we spin your chair you drink for free, but if you cant finish we taze you".

  27. What in the actual fuck kind of bars are you folks going to?

  28. This may sound cheesy but a nice fitted white top with black suspenders would look cute 😋

  29. Every time my employer (or any) starts talking about work life balance, then gives their employees meditation and mindfulness tips, I think the same thing. I find it infuriating, tbh. Spend less of your HR time and money on "mindfulness," and more on actually creating a pleasant work environment l.

  30. I used to work at a company ranked #1 best place to work on several Forbes list. Part of the reason it was chosen was for providing resources to work/life balance.

  31. Dress them up a bit and absolutely. Even if you don't dress them up, you're probably fine. Business casual covers a huge amount of ground. If people in your office wear khakis, I don't see why you can't wear corduroy.

  32. You're definitely not screwed! I landed a pretty easy, enjoyable job that I stayed in for longer than I should have. I was worried people wouldn't take me seriously. I was wrong; they still took me seriously. I've learned a ton since! I don't work with computers, but I hope this could still help you.

  33. That's tricky at a director level because what comes after that? Executive director, I guess? That could be appropriate if you're now managing higher level employees given that others are being promoted.

  34. Yes. Totally. Despite being at a high level, I'm literally the least educated person in every single meeting I'm in. This was the case working up to this position as well. And almost every one of those high level, super smart lawyers and doctors and professors I've been needlessly worried about interacting with also feel like they have no idea what they're doing or how they got there. I guess that's why they've been listening to me all this time!

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