1. I still have all my chips and will be using BB this GW. When is the best time to WC though?

  2. Would it be dumb to take a -12 to bench boost?

  3. Don’t do it. Just transfer out Ward and Tarkowski and you’re looking fine to bench boost

  4. Who would you want to get rid of on a WC? If you can name at least 4, I’d say go for it

  5. I’m sitting at 29 points and I’m… happy with it??

  6. I haven't played the game, just watched my husband play part of it. For me, Joel did the right thing. I dont have kids but sure if I was a parent I'd do anything to protect my children, no questions asked. I would do whatever it takes. Even watching it when Joel gets up from his bed and shouts at Marlene my husband went 'dad mode activated'

  7. I don't know if killing a bunch of innocent people in order to save your child is "the right thing to do", but it surely is understandable.

  8. Here’s my take: Ideally, the Fireflies should have had a consultation with Joel and Ellie. Talked to them about the operation and its consequences. Asked for Ellie’s consent. She would’ve agreed and Joel would been distraught, but he would’ve had some time to talk to Ellie and come to terms with her decision. I believe that he would’ve accepted it. But obviously thats not how The Fireflies operate, they are portrayed as radicalized so giving Ellie any ownership of the situation would compromise the cause for saving humanity.

  9. That season where Robbo was out injured at the start so everyone had Tsikikas at 4m lmao.

  10. As a non-parent I would allow the surgery if the person being operated on had consented to giving her life for the cause. The lack of consent in Ellie’s case… nope!

  11. If I go Salah to Madison I can field 11 players in GW28. Surely the move to make?

  12. Henry to Chilwell? No brainer move? Tempted to do it tonight with Chilwell's price expected to rise.

  13. It’s a little bit sideways. Henry plays in 28 and doubles in 29. A shame to sell him. Don’t you have more important transfers to make in your team?

  14. Super annoyed with Salah’s penalty miss, but I guess I should just be happy that Toney blanked. Not having him in my team is scary

  15. I would buy him if I were you, he has double in both 27th and 28th.

  16. You mean 27 and 29. I would have to take a -4 hit and transfer out Haaland or Watkins to get Toney - not worth it imo

  17. Going Mitoma because I don’t own Toney.

  18. Hey y'all. Please help a fellow out here :) this is my team:

  19. Holy shit super tough choice!! Feels horrible selling Watkins plus Toney has the yellow card risk. I’d probs do Scenario B

  20. Ikr! It doesn’t make it less tough that my competitors have Toney. Got major FOMO here.

  21. I'd probably still be bringing him in, and odegaard is the easy bench out of those options

  22. I could also bring in Pinnock for one of my less important defenders. Wouldn’t have any benching headaches on mid/attack if I did that.

  23. Hmm, tough one tbh, cos I do think Watkins is a good option but I wouldn't want to go in without toney this week

  24. It's a very tough one indeed!! Super nervous about not owning Toney since my closest competitors all have him. But going forward my team will look better if I don't go for him.

  25. Have 2FT and dropped this week in my league so would appreciate any feedback :/

  26. You could go Shaw to Ben Mee. One less headache for GW28.

  27. How are you in that situation? Triple Brighton and Brentford?

  28. Must be it. Most people who are stocking up on BHA and BRE will have similar conundrums.

  29. I don’t like getting rid of odegaard since he plays in the blank game week. If you have any other assets that blank I’d try to transfer them instead of odegaard

  30. I think I'm looking at WC26, BB29 FH32, but FH could be in any of the blanks or doubles beyond GW30.

  31. Wouldn’t a triple up of both Brighton and brentford be a massive headache later on? I mean do you really want that many of their assets in your team if not for doubles ?

  32. You wont have doublers on the bench if you go for 34 (most likely)

  33. Would having doublers on the bench not mean that you’d have to compromise massively on the quality of your squad going forward?

  34. This has been one of the most brutal GW in a very very long time.

  35. 100% in agreement with you. Part 1 is great, but part 2 is great AND original.

  36. Guys, please help me! Vote who I should put on the bench ➡️

  37. not buying any Brentford assets before their DGW next round. wanna stay flexible and roll the transfer for now.

  38. When I was younger, so much younger than today

  39. (I never need) I never needed anybody's help in any way

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