1. Those hands make good seats for Titan or Prime Masters

  2. They might work decent for a combiner of weaponizers and base bots, but for on him.... not really.

  3. I don’t know anything about this guy,but he gives me buzz lightyear as a transformers vibes,so if hes cheap or on sale maybe.

  4. You know I was sitting here thinking "God he reminds me of someone" and now that you said it, yeah it's buzz...

  5. Candles behind a glass panel, tended by people he can't see...

  6. When he met with Trump and Trump put out that he was troubled, I thought for sure Trump was upset that ye had said something like "you know I'll beat you", not in a 100 guesses would I have guessed Trump was right.

  7. I am a simple man, when I see a Babylon 5 reference, I upvote.

  8. That's what I thought this was from, thanks it was bugging me.

  9. There is epic research that increases it by up to 5%.

  10. Too bad this wasn't in Hyrule....

  11. I want to see the looks on their faces when they get to hell.

  12. They will just believe they are being punished for being right.

  13. I’m assuming you’ve directly asked them to remove you from their call list too? It seems like a police department would honor that request

  14. I did ask them, but again I got calls just a couple of weeks ago. They don't seem to care about honoring a request.

  15. Kind of an odd scam, but I guess thats possible.

  16. Looks awesome. As I scrolled along my first reaction was "is that a giant Starscream or did Scorponix shrink in the wash?" At least until I read the caption...

  17. He looks really cool, wish that the head looked like that when he came off, instead of a robot with head peices randomly placed.

  18. Grats, I broke out of that jail earlier today myself. Just missed the 2x event too.

  19. Thank you, and congrats to you as well! It gets extremely boring after you get the hab space lol

  20. Yes it does, and there isn't much to do to speed it up. Even max speed is a crawl

  21. That's the thing, you don't. It maxes at 3 perk picks.

  22. The last of the grand pug benders

  23. Classic underestimate with "a bit of waiting"... I have a bit of waiting, 12 hours. You got a long wait. Congrats btw

  24. Thats what I was talking about. Well that 1.02 X 1.02 is more than 1.04 really.

  25. The stones multiply, not add, that's why it's slightly more than 4%

  26. Again, that was my whole point.

  27. 17 hours for me, you hit yet?

  28. just hit 9.96, almost there. I’ll post on this sub when I hit 10B

  29. So close, I'll be right after you. I have 9.88 right now, but it'll be 3am local time when I hit, so it'll be delayed until I wake up.

  30. As far as I know you don't, but there is a pattern.

  31. Thank you for quickly answering. I would have had to figure out how to invite (I honestly don't like discord, but use it for coops).

  32. Does that stack with the 75% off research days

  33. Yes it does, but it's only 70% days and it only reduces 60% of the remaining 30%. With 3 %50 clarity stones it does 73% or so on its own. Both together make enlightenment much easier.

  34. Space energy vampire jellyfish!

  35. Play stupid games, win stupid pains!

  36. Years ago I had an orange cat that did the same. Funny thing was I caught him using the toilet multiple times before anyone else in the family did. My mom thought I was trying to trick her until one night she had to wait for him to finish with the toilet.

  37. The power link seems to have failed.

  38. 1 billion chickens isn't too hard, it's a struggle for getting the research and Habs, but it's not too bad. I would suggest getting a nice stockpile of at least 25% stones, or better 50% stones. It takes a long time to prep for the 10b, but 1b isn't any where near the same.

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