1. Only real way to do it is pick up whichever weapon you are looking to level, if you can find a ground loot version and start doing contracts. Fastest way to level it up in warzone. Just make sure you are holding that weapon when the contract completes.

  2. Sitting at 2 currently. Got first win in duos on Saturday and just pulled off a solo win like 2 hours ago.

  3. Aren't you supposed to hold up on the dpad to get the menu wheel to pop up. Should be able to accept from there. Haven't actually done it myself though.

  4. Is it through the entire game? I'm on ps5 and the servers seem to be having a fit with full lobbies, everyone looking like a slideshow for the first few minutes. Seems to calm down once people are eliminated

  5. Got caught in a 2 on 1 last night, managed to down one and tried to reposition to plate up by jumping through a window. Instead my guy grabbed the ledge above the window and started doing pull ups since it was too small to stand up on to. Naturally got riddled with bullets while trying to unfuck the situation. Was not impressed.

  6. I won’t lie. I’m liking this. Does anyone know anything about that “interrogation” thing? Like are you supposed to interrogate downed players or something like Caveira from R6?

  7. Presumably will be like what Fortnite had at one point. Once you go through the animation you get live pings for their teammates for a period of time.

  8. Got killed earlier by a guy pre-aiming down the hall only to spawn directly to the left of where I died in front of him yet somehow managed to kill him.

  9. Would have to purchase twice. Alternatively play regular multiplayer on the Xbox and you can download warzone 2 free on the pc when you get it which would retain your weapons and progression.

  10. You could in the beta. Haven't tried since but I believe it was down on the d pad

  11. Pretty sure you are supposed to kill the lights on the ground level first if I recall.

  12. Got the x17 r2 i7, 3080ti, 4k screen, 32gb ram and cherrymx keyboard. Was playing resident evil 2 remake last night at pretty much all high settings with high ray tracing settings at 4k between 80 and 100 fps and that was not even kicking the laptop into the highest performance mode. Though I did have a 20% discount from my uncle wouldn't have been able to justify the 3080ti otherwise.

  13. Can't speak to MK specifically, but I've noticed most fighters lock to 60 fps, but even without that don't tax the cpu or gpu much. The heaven benchmark is a decent test for the gpu and cinebench is commonly used for cpu testing, try running both at once. I found early on that battlefield V pushed both gpu and cpu enough to test stability well, even when other benchmarks showed no issues.

  14. Yeah tried cinebench and that certainly ramps temps up to 100

  15. That's not great but games for the most part are probably fine, but may thermal throttle when gpu and cpu are pushed like my M17 R2 does. If it bothers you, get one of those laptop cooling pads at least for when it isn't on a hard flat surface. If you're comfortable undervolting the cpu, Throttlestop is what I used to reduce the core voltage a little bit and prevent thermal throttling. If you're lucky someone will have figured out a good undervolting configuration and posted it online.

  16. As far as I'm aware the i7 can't actually be under volted only the i9 can but yeah will just have to see how things go

  17. Just recently ordered my laptop from Dell with a 3 year warranty. Hasn't arrived yet but I can see on my account the warranty cover started on the 12th of August. Seems a bit stupid having warranty cover active already for something I likely won't have for another 2 weeks

  18. Congrats, but which model did you get? Also if your issue is light bleed, Alienware isn’t without that issue.

  19. That would make sense to add.... X17 R2

  20. Just ordered mine as well (sounds like similar build sans the cherrymx keyboard).

  21. Just figured since I had the 20% discount I would go mostly all out. i9 seemed overkill for my needs and added like 600 more onto the price.

  22. Only thing I could think is if you have created multiple variations you need to be sure the outros are enabled on each individual one. Alternatively you just got really unlucky with random selections.

  23. Once your input is no longer needed so once the animation starts playing. Keep them held down and it should work every time as long as it is the transform pose he goes for

  24. That’s what I’m doing and sometimes it will work and other times it won’t. Is there a specific time in the brutality where I have to do it?

  25. Should just work really. Easiest to just hold the triggers and which ever direction or button as soon as the brutality starts. Never had an issue getting it if I want it.

  26. Shang myself. Was always a scorpion main on every other game but Shang just clicked with me in this game plus cary tagawa.

  27. Is it just me or does that not sound like the same voice actress for Bayonetta? Unfortunate.

  28. Release price will be bumped up to $70 because publishers think this will offset the sale decline :/

  29. New releases here in Ireland, first party Sony ones at least start at €80. Trend to steer clear unless it is something I absolutely need to play immediately.

  30. My TV has 120Hz and i still cant use it

  31. If you are using hdr your TV might not support both 120fps and hdr unless it's a newer hdmi 2.1 TV. My old TV could do 120 but would have to disable hdr and drop down to 1080p to do 120

  32. Ps5 same here unfortunately. Turns out I have quite a few friends added on there. Not fun.

  33. I switched to PTSB and had no issues until last week it happened a few times with a machine in the pub but the barman said it was happening randomly to everyone's Google Pay.

  34. Well I went through deletion and added it again. First transaction went fine. Will just have to monitor it for now I suppose. Just a bit frustrating when coming from Ulster bank when I never really had any issues.

  35. Lol PTSB are completely backwards and incompetent. It will never get better.

  36. Seeming like the case. Decided to call them, advised everything seemed okay on their end and to try deleting the card and adding it again. I questioned her on that because last time I had to call them and have them manually approve the card for activation then wait a few hours. She said that shouldn't be needed this time and I would just get a text with a code. I suspected that would not be the case and of course I was right. Had to call them again and add the card manually once again.

  37. Not to hijack this thread or anything but I recently made the move from Ulster bank to PTSB. I got Google pay set up but I've found multiple times now in the last week that contactless payments through my phone seem to decline on the first attempt. Never once recall this happening with Ulster bank. Has anyone else here with PTSB had similar issues?

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