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  1. Literally better than anything we saw in the actual dunk contest last season lmao

  2. Random Drug Test has entered the chat

  3. They're really good at hiding that shit now. The chances of getting caught are very low. You really think like half the league isn't on some kind of HGH these days?

  4. If only there was something like that, but real. And instead of superpowers you just got insanely fast and easy muscle growth. Hmmm.

  5. Blindly following a certain charismatic, long-haired, tattooed, youtuber and buying items he pushed.

  6. Man, some of you are just fucking brutal. PM might not be for everyone but he was a massive inspiration for me when I started out with my first DSLR. He's a good dude who makes really high-quality, fun YouTube videos.

  7. Some of his early videos are amazing for beginners. Learned a lot from him, but most of his new content isn’t for me.

  8. That's totally fair and I tend to agree. He used to be much more photography-based but shifted more to cinematography and vlogs in the last couple of years. I was always much more interested in the photography videos and tutorials he did.

  9. I couldn't stop noticing her pointy-ass hobbit feet throughout the video.

  10. Sixers fans calling Scottie a try hard when their own star praised his intensity summarizes their fans pretty well

  11. Anyone who makes fun of people for "try harding" at anything is a loser lol. It's always because they're losing. Fragile egos.

  12. I just assume if they have a mic they are adults 😂 I rarely use with randos but Everytime I hear a hotmic it's a kid

  13. That's wild. I've actually never heard a kid on mic in RL. It's always deep voices, never squeakers.

  14. Really?! Well I'm sure at your rank its less prevalent. The G3/P1 is filled. It was worse around central Gold. But I've noticed each division away from G3 I get the less I have them.

  15. Yeah, I imagine rank is part of it. I also tend to play late at night when the kiddies are asleep.

  16. As someone who identifies as a filthy degenerate with a dirty keyboard, this disgusts even me. How is this level of nastiness even possible?

  17. Nah, I literally have a cat but I consider myself a "dog person". I love dogs.

  18. Jesse Pinkman: Nothing but cows, just some cow house that way about 2 miles, but I don't see nobody.

  19. One thing to note about the Sigma 150-600: It could need some AF tuning, you can do it in your camera or get the Sigma USB dock and calibrate it on your computer, you will have more options there. Not to mention firmware updates: I remember my Sport edition became much better after I updated it.

  20. Yeah, someone else mentioned AF tuning and I might need to look into that. I am, however leaning towards returning it and getting the Nikkor 200-500. I have a few more days until my return window closes to decide. In that time I'm going to go out and see if I can get some better shots out of it. I've noticed a fair few of my images were soft due to user error and not necessarily the lens itself.

  21. Look in Lightroom at your favorite shots. See if there are any common focal lengths among those images. I think lens improvements will help you a lot more than you think. Good lenses will need less sharpening (helping noise) and might have wider apertures (helping with low light, again helping noise)

  22. Use the free app Newpipe. It's just as good! Get it before the company which deleted their slogan of "Don't be evil" fights to destroy it.

  23. I'm not sure what's evil about that tbh. It's an app that's quite literally stealing revenue from them. If I was google I'd fight to destroy it too. They need all the profit they can get out of Youtube. It's been running at a loss for many years.

  24. They always have RLCS right at the top of the main menu every time it's live. The only thing I think they could have done better is maybe make a splash screen that promotes it a week or two before worlds so people know it's coming.

  25. I havnt played for a couple years.

  26. Anytime RLCS is live there's a BIG button that links to it right at the top of the main menu. It's impossible to miss.

  27. It says everything is closed to the public on UVic's Twitter, but I really hope they decide to do an Open Scrimmage for the public like last time.

  28. I live near Victoria and was really excited and now I'm quite disappointed :(

  29. I don't understand this argument against building more housing. No one is going to build more housing unless there is money in it for them, but increasing supply to meet the demand will drive down rent and purchase prices.

  30. Why can't it be both? We need to fix the underlying issues with our housing market and we need more affordable housing available. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

  31. Hahahaha, you think we make that much money. Unfortunately what the internet says about wages is wrong. Aerospace R&D for NASA was only paying 40k, and he had no employee rights or benefits.

  32. I'm pretty sure that's incredibly rare, should have kept the guy

  33. Apparently it's a 0.04% chance. I honestly didn't think it was possible.

  34. I didn't think it was rare at all, I've seen full diamond mobs plenty of times. Then again, I have been playing since 2009-2010 so I guess it's relative.

  35. I've been playing since beta and I've never seen it. At least 5000 hours. Then again, I usually play on normal difficulty. These probably only spawn on hard.

  36. The amount of people having superiority complex over a small piece of knowledge is hilarious. It's pathetic.

  37. I respect them for sharing it, and I'm glad people are learning. I learn a lot of seemingly "common knowledge" things from time to time as well.

  38. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but I’m sometimes amazed at how some of my friends don’t know this.

  39. Yeah, are people really out there putting their thermometers in the sun and going "yup, it's 55C outside today. Better put on some shorts."

  40. I joined a lobby just like that a couple days ago. I forgot to report it before leaving :(

  41. I don’t consent to this comment, I demand you remove it.

  42. I don't consent to your non-consent of his comment. The authorities have been notified.

  43. Same. That's why the only subscription I have now is Nord VPN ;)

  44. All 5 of our starters can score. I think it's going to be a per-game basis where whoever is feeling it will have a big night. The averages may go down because Scottie is stepping into a bigger role, OG wants more touches, Pascal and FVV will still get plenty of shots because they're still our star players.

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