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  1. Used to for sure. Kinda can't stand them these days...Pat mostly. But I still watch the Rapaport interviews and some of when AJ comes on. Maybe catch 30-60 mins out of the 3-4hrs.

  2. One of the few non negative posts on this sub. Get your negative ass outta here and let us have this one.

  3. the best advice i received is “you should always be thinking about what you would do if there was a D.Va bomb, and if you would survive that. if not, find a different position”

  4. i’m like 85% sure that advice comes from Coach_Mills on youtube. he has several good positioning guides, as well as other good content.

  5. I think I've seen a couple of his recent videos, I'll dig through his channel and see what i can find

  6. The kind that lands on your head when you're just trying make a sick jump

  7. I trust John’s scouting on QB’s, so if he’s the pick I wouldn’t hate it.

  8. Did the rumor that he wanted Mahomes get confirmed? If so, that would've been Wilson then Mahomes. I'll trust his scouting as well.

  9. It’s been a pleasure boys. Gonna go play madden and drop 300 on the 49ers

  10. I used to do this, drop it to lowest difficulty, run go routes and win by 60

  11. C, LB, DL all need to be addressed with these high draft picks

  12. Either a RB or someone who would been there in the 5th round

  13. Didn't he kick the dogs first before spraying them?

  14. Buffalo wild wings at the Everett mall or sporty's beef and brew although i haven't been there in a while

  15. I’m 41 and will finally graduate with a bachelors this spring. I just scored an amazing job where I’m appreciated and I make good money. I can only go up from here!

  16. Hey did you know this drive was kept alive due to a running into the kicker penalty?

  17. WHAT? this is the first I'm hearing about this

  18. Saw this on a different thread, might be worth a try?

  19. How about this weather we're having?

  20. Bro typed all that out…I’m not reading that. You care too much my friend. It’s not that serious and no pat doesn’t know I exist and no one is going to read that😂😭

  21. Looks like your did in fact read that.

  22. I saw a guy with a Harvin jersey modified with painters tape into an Irvin once

  23. I saw the same and modified my gifted harvin jersey until i got a 12 jersey

  24. Does anyone have highlight clips of their broadcast?! I havent been able to find anything yet

  25. Omaha productions on YouTube has their highlights

  26. All of you always basking in the glory of shitting on Russ. Congrats. Enjoy you’re average QB purgatory late season spiral.

  27. This was the plan for the whole season, at least a top 5 pick makes up a little for it.

  28. Thought this might've made top comment

  29. There’s no such thing as a moronic challenge when it’s that close to the two minute warning and you need to call TO anyways. And I think the ball is behind the line when he started sliding. Fucking robbery

  30. That was my thought, nothing to lose there with a challenge, also if he got blasted before his knee touched the ground it would've been a personal foul. Double standards to protect qbs at all costs.

  31. Who to blame for delivering a potential playoff team when everyone had written them off? I say coaching, front office, and personnel - great job all around!

  32. This. I wrote off this year, but they didn't write back so I'm just taking every week as in we're supposed to lose and anything more than that is awesome.

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