1. This story doesn't add up as described, they probably aren't giving you the full story. I have personally put someone out within 10 days of process initiation.

  2. You don't "get" an article 15. You have to accept it. He could have denied it and gone to courts martial instead. That's where they get ya. Zero jail if you just accept the article 15. Too many people accept it.

  3. Thanks for explaining that! Yes, he accepted that instead of the court martial. As for the commander thing, I think it was the base commander who ordered it. I should rephrase. But I do know all the other higher ups were freaking out.

  4. It’s ok, I wouldn’t want to admit I’m wrong when I’ve doubled down this much either. It’s not like Black women don’t know curly hair or anything. 🙄

  5. Oh yeah, because I make a fuckton of money popping my pussy, I suddenly have 0 idea how to take care of hair. Nice stretch. I’ll think about it when I drain another man’s bank account for fun this evening. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  6. Late as [email protected] to this (get it?ha) - it’s about the media, politics and how they’ve got us fooled. And how it’s aaaallll fake as fuck. Specifically Fox News

  7. And then ban every single account that makes fun of you

  8. Have you told her this? If you feel something is off you need to communicate that before things possibly escalate. This is something important to you, and if your gf respects you and loves you she’ll hear you out.

  9. Yes we talked about it but it end always with her angry at me seeing they are just friend and I should get over it. And I’m trying it, but all seems weird every time she tell me something about him. I don’t understand if there’s something I have to worry or it’s all in my head

  10. Why would she get angry? If this is a genuine concern she should be hearing you, not getting angry. I worry her reaction is knee jerk for some reason. If you have a gut feeling, follow it. I’d start asking questions. Good one is the Why Game. “Why do you get mad when I voice my concerns and he is one of them?” Have you gotten to meet him? If not, “why haven’t I met him?” Would you get mad if your gf raised a concern about you becoming very close with another girl who she has never met or has no idea about? Probably not (at least hopefully). The reality is you’re having trust issues and that needs to be communicated asap.

  11. I want to downvote this because I want to fight this guy, but this is oh so clearly topical lol I ran postmates while working a full time job in a restaurant and I can tell you, it was not a “source of energy and empowerment” lmao.

  12. Look it up. Keywords ‘abortion’ and ‘camping’.

  13. I find myself in this position all the time, and this song has given me strength. We’re not alone, we just have to find each other. That isn’t always as easy as it sounds, because society pressures us to be secretive about our beliefs, but we can do it. Many of us feel just as you do. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

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