1. I am looking at an Ipad for school, basically needs to be able to run a notes program and work well with an apple pencil, as little lag as possible and should be as smooth as possible, I am deciding between a 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB) - from Amazon, or a refurbished 7th gen with 128GB, the price between them is basically a wash, so I am just looking for the best bang for my buck, and whichever one I get would be paired with a 1st gen apple pencil for notes.

  2. And try to avoid the Apple Pencil First Gen because you can get a pencil with the same features for less without the lightning port!

  3. What pencil would that be? And where could I get it?

  4. What is that type? I have only heard of the spark plug ones

  5. I want to get a torch for general diy heating, not particularly interested in welding/braising/soldering, but I'd like to have the option. I reddit searched this sub and didn't find much about the differences between mapp (or map pro) and propane torches. I also googled and couldn't find much, most of it seemed geared towards the commercial side, 100lbs cylinders or propane/gas generators etc. So I'm asking here, I want a lil thing that is relatively cheap, won't be used often, is relatively safe Incase anything happens, basically just for heating some metal to bend it or heat up a bolt in a place I can't get a heat gun to, and also possibly a little soldering, should I go mapp/pro or propane? thanks so much for everything!

  6. I am a hearing learner and I am okish at glossing then signing something, but I struggle with receptive skills and none of the videos I seem to watch or class assignments seem to help. Does anyone know of a good way to learn/ good websites other than life print and the ones listed in this thread to help with receptive skills specifically?

  7. you are right i cannot count. but still 4 times is a lot

  8. Wait what? I only see the one that I did, I only did it once, could it be a mobile issue or something?

  9. Thoughts on getting a Vectric VX-1 running? I was told by the owner that they bought it at auction a few years ago (non-running) and looked for battery packs, but could only find one for $5k, so they just have it taking up space and said I could have it for free. Is there a relatively easy (time consuming is fine) way that a not very electrically knowledgeable person with limited funds could get it running to use it as a daily commute EV (doesn't need a range above 100mi, above 50 preferable though.)

  10. Hi, I am a pretty average person but I guess a bit harder on clothes than most, not looking for anything even remotely fashionable (my current wear is jeans + black polo every day, not company dress or anything, I just like the simplicity). I am looking for more hard wearing pants, I've seen some fjallraven or tru spec 24/7 expedition ones, but I am not sure if I want to go with those, so in general the more pockets the merrier, but not too "military" looking. Do you have any suggestions on pants like these? Thanks so much in advance! (edit and a price range hopefully around $50) (edit: also ones that are warmer for the transitional seasons would be much appreciated, are there pants with a little insulation in them but not full snowpants?)

  11. I'm looking at getting an automatic coffee brewer, and I'm between the Oxo 9 cup, the Sage/Breville precision brewer, and a Presto percolator. I think I would prefer the Oxo/Sage to the percolator, but I don't know how concerned I should be with BPA-free plastics touching boiling water, as both the Oxo and Sage have that, while the Presto has plastic on it's base, but it never comes into contact with any water or coffee, so should I go with the less convenient option for some health (does it even matter?), or am I just over thinking this? Or would the percolator still be a salient option regardless of microplastics?

  12. Online math tutoring, slots still available! I'm a local high schooler in advanced math, I'm a freshperson in precalculus, a class that is usually taken in junior year (I have an A+ in the class).

  13. Online math tutoring, slots still available! I'm a high schooler in advanced math, a freshman in precalculus, a class that is usually taken in junior year (I have an A+ in the class).

  14. Online math tutoring, slots still available! I'm a local high schooler in advanced math, I'm a freshman in precalculus, a class that is usually taken in junior year (I have an A+ in the class).

  15. If you're not gaming why are you considering machines w/ dGPU's? Is your "very light" CAD actually gonna require one enough to take the substantial hit in battery life?

  16. The battery life is because I will likely be using it all day, and I don't want this laptop to bog down like my last one, as well as a bit of future proofing. I also might change my mind about the gaming, I don't know yet, but I'd like the option.

  17. Would it be better to get the Acer swift 3 instead?

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