1. I've had Covid 4 times and have 4 cats, one is older and one is on immunosuppressants. Impossible to isolate from them as well, but none of them caught it so I think it's pretty unlikely (I did avoid kissing and breathing on them, and washed hands before pets).

  2. I’m putting the mini anti-bacterial gel bottles my sister sent for my birthday to good use. Pocket size. Better than washing my hands every time I cough.

  3. Yeah that works too - hope you feel better soon!

  4. It's different for everyone of course but I'm 3xvaxxed and just had Covid for the third time, with very similar symptoms. It was the first time I had that level of brain fog - horrible. Anyway, had symptoms for 8 days and then the 9th and 10th just a bit easily tired. Then fine. Get well soon!

  5. I remember one Christmas when I wanted my parents to get me Metallica’s S&M album. I was so excited to see a CD-shaped present for me under the tree… only to find they bought me Chumbawumba instead.

  6. I asked for Queen. Got Loreena McKennit instead. Heard a harp and didn't stick around to hear more.

  7. Is it kind a group of girls chanting it over and over - kind of riot grrl punk style? I don't think you're nuts - I can hear it. But can't place it. EDIT Not a perfect fit for the description but maybe Le Tigre TKO? Or something similar?

  8. It's a cover of Wolf Alice, the Last Man on Earth, pretty easy to find - the singer goes by caromelcandy.

  9. It's Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem in D Minor.

  10. Update - I had some very mild chest congestion for 2-3 more days, which cleared itself out over the next week, and that was thankfully it. Basically it followed the same exact pattern as pre-vaccine, but with the volume turned down to 1 - very muted symptoms. Long Covid was not re-triggered. Thank goodness for the vaccine!

  11. Update Day 10, right on schedule, it's back 😔

  12. Update for future sufferers: Covid-free! Thank goodness for the vaccines. Really stopped it in its tracks this time.

  13. Yeah, definitely not lol. It's interested in whatever she has on her wrist, presumably a shiny watch. You can clearly see the cats gaze following it as her hand moves.

  14. Yep. It had probably already had a first bite before the video clip starts and was coming in for seconds. Its eyes are dilated and it's fixated on her wrist - definitely in kill mode. Sometimes cats decide that a specific body part (or animal, object or toy) is either prey or attacker and that's it, a switch is flipped whenever they see it.

  15. Yes, I had the alpha variant mind you, but was sick at home plus two weeks in hospital - all told well over 20 days. When symptoms finally subsided and they discharged me, they tested me again and I was still positive. BUT the doctor said this was normal and that I wasn't particularly contagious at this point, so I could go out so long as I double masked and socially distanced. I finally tested negative a week later, so about a month all told.

  16. Yeah, that's gotta be Tom Chaplin. This guy sounds just like him right from the first line of the song! Reminds me a little of The 1975 too.

  17. You're right, they sound VERY alike... but I've never heard of Tom Chaplin!! Going to check him out, thanks!

  18. Ohhh 🤣🤣 I had no idea he'd released solo work! Well and truly excited now!! I still think I'm thinking of someone else from the 90s that Keane were influnced by in turn... My brain is bouncing to (someone in the area of) Travis and the Divine Comedy now... But thank you, really glad to learn this!

  19. Straw man misrepresents an argument, then attacks that argument ("You want me to clean my room? Why do you hate freedom???")

  20. Oh thank you! Very cool subject to teach... Would love to learn it. Would you say the specific example fits one or the other better? Essentially arguing back but on a tangential topic, missing the point of the actual argument raised.

  21. It seems like primarily a straw man. The person saying "You made a mess in the kitchen" is having their statement misrepresented as "I don't appreciate your cooking."

  22. Thank you. Then the questions really are:

  23. I agree. It will be hard for your daughter to lose her father either way, but not getting the chance to say goodbye and heal the wounds could be even more damaging. God help you if she later finds out he'd made this request and you said no without consulting her.

  24. Yeah I agree. If I saw a ladder I wouldn't know how to put it down either, and I have a master's degree. People were making fun of you, op, because they're assholes.

  25. I agree as well. Your post is thoughtful and well composed - you are clearly not dumb. I also can't drive because I can't get my bearings, but poor spacial sense or mechanical reasoning doesn't mean your brain isn't good at other things. I hope you get some good advice for what to do with that money so you can live in peace and security, and maybe learn to see your own self-worth and enjoy life a little bit.

  26. The OG gone too soon series. Never forget.

  27. Queen Tiabeanie from Disenchantment. Should be pretty cool.

  28. Ny husband lived for a big chunk of his life in the US in Texas, and said that salmonella is a big thing. Here in Europe we eat eggs often half raw, undercooked all the time. A classic Tiramisu is made with raw egg yolk in it, and we also have tartare de bœuf, which is thinly chopped raw beef with a raw egg yolk on top.

  29. There is actually a reason for the egg difference. In the US, they wash the egg shells, and this strips them of their natural protective lining, whereas in Europe they are unwashed and the chickens are vaccinated against salmonella instead.

  30. This has been driving me crazy since you posted it because it reminds me of one song and then another and then another... and then I realized it's probably a mix. I think there's some Yello and New Order in there [edit: and Dead or Alive] ... A couple more.

  31. Sounds like the only thing stopping you from leaving is the thought that he'll be alone forever. a) you don't know that - he could find someone with a saviour complex, or a sapiosexual, or a masochist, and b) His happiness isn't your problem, because he hasn't shown any concern for your happiness. If the roles were reversed and he were thinking of leaving you, would he be worrying about you being OK, or about who will take care of his bills?

  32. He tells me that he does care about my happiness… That he has always had good intentions for me.

  33. Look, he could love you and care for you and just be totally incapable of acting on it, the reasons don't matter. The result is he isn't giving you what you need. It doesn't matter what his intentions are.

  34. Right well that's anoying... thank you (despite being the bearer of bad news 😁) !!

  35. As you're a renter I especially think you need to move on from the idea of hanging a fan from this location. You're in an old house and the pipe is from old gas fixtures. The ceiling is likely plaster. Who knows the condition of the electricity coming into the fixture at present. None of this is a good situation even if you did have permission to make alterations.

  36. Thanks... Bummer. The house was built in the 80s and gas lines have only been laid here recently so I think the metal was formerly a hook for the lights (this is in the EU - very standard setup here - the electricity is fine). We drilled holes to the side and the ceiling is solid, easy to fill them up when we go. Just don't like the aesthetics of hanging the fan to the side of the medallion, and was looking for a miracle solution...

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