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  1. On a good day when my skin is clear and my confidence is high? I see myself between an 8 and 9.

  2. Well thank you! I forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's nice to know not everyone thinks they are too small!

  3. No problem. Next time you say to yourself "they are too small..." be sure to finish that statement with ".. to end up a saggy, stretched out wreck 25 yrs from now!"

  4. I have never been so happy to never make this mistake. I only accidentally texted my boss years ago how I was figuring out my sexuality and was leaning towards the ace spectrum. Luckily she realized I meant to send it to someone else and was really cool about it. I still died inside.

  5. Bladder snails can be spazes like that lol

  6. I was referring to the stack of bladder snails.

  7. Bottom of the pile is a Pond snail. He is the stability of the bladder tower.

  8. I'm sure that you love to have them sucked on 😎👍 I know I will !

  9. Have you seen those girls being contacted off this sub (I think) via DMs to get paid like 500 dollars to step on bugs? 🤢 apparently after that it’s a pipeline to mice/gerbils, to kittens and such. It’s deplorable that people would bring an innocent life form into their kink.

  10. I got a DM from a dude who told me he works at a mortuary and bangs the bodies with his girlfriend. I didn't even ask. Can never unread it.

  11. I miss the person I was before you told me about this :’) I’m in physical pain

  12. I miss who I was before that god awful DM. Suffer with me.

  13. It's like how all Tortoises are Turtles, but not all Turtles are Tortoises.

  14. Except neither are legit. They are all terrapins. There is no actual scientific distinction between tortoises and turtles because they are not scientific names.

  15. I absolutely adore that coloration. What type of mystery snail is he?

  16. I actually have no idea I bought her from my lfs and she’s been with me ever since.

  17. What babies do you speak of? Do you mean fetuses that haven't gained consciousness yet and are not yet sentient? Because that happens at 25 weeks.

  18. That would be accurate, though it does not sound as appealing to the ears of soon to be parents. Obviously parents will see a fetus as their baby, because that is who they look forward to bringing into the world; a baby.

  19. Maybe not, but if he doesn't- think about how he typed his response 😏

  20. With his feet. Get out of here with whatever you think you're insinuating. No one is typing that way lol

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