1. Fits good. It's never going to fit like a movie character who's had a jacket tailored to him and intended to only be worn with one specific outfit.

  2. Thanks, I just over think this stuff lol. I guess whenever I get another it'll be closer to measurements to be "fitted"

  3. Also for context. The jacket will be painted and studded

  4. How did you get the nicknames? Was it just from some sort of online gamertag?

  5. More of a post-punk band, but Lesser Cares is a cool El Paso band.

  6. I seen that they're coming back to EP on the first so I'm gonna go check them out

  7. Check out apartment512boottique on instagram. It's my homie's DIY shop/small venue he runs right in El Paso. They're always posting shows on their page

  8. Damn bloke this almost seems familiar. Minus a few things lol

  9. Yea these are going for like 26-28k in my area this one was one of the cheaper ones lol

  10. Fuuuck I got mine for 24k last May, with 55k miles. 😬😬 10th gen gang all the way. I got some spare weather tech window visors if you're interested bro

  11. Getting behind cover for reloads should be the norm. Anyone against clearly has no idea what they are talking about and should be ignored

  12. Bro who recommended not getting down to reload???

  13. i'd probably use angelus leather paint. it's an acyclic paint and you can mix the colors to make different ones if their selection doesn't have ones you want

  14. Literally saw a guy ask a girl on a dating app who wore a BM shirt to name some songs a few days ago. These idiots do exist.

  15. Let my ex keep one of my Hulder T's. She's gonna get that question more often now ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

  16. There was a Mountain Mike's Pizza that had this as one of their game machines, I used to play it from time to time! Loved watching the moving bits and audio

  17. Mine has taken the entire car over. Looks like my car has alopecia or somethin. I’m too cheap to paint a car with 155,000 miles on it. Think I’ll just get the new one.

  18. Brooo don't cap. You're trying to thirst trap this sub

  19. Can somebody translate this into Gen Y for me

  20. Brother in Jesus'name, stop lying. This is just you cross dressing into tricking us to think you're a woman.

  21. Alright thanks I expect to have to do the same to my Draco just was curious if you remembered which length you bought

  22. 90k miles only mods are stereo and lights for 9k

  23. Whatever floats the goats and keeps the SI running bruv!

  24. Current or former? Cause it's been fucking forever and I ain't got my ngb yet, but I still got my cac

  25. Mmmm I think it can be either or. I think they just require proof of service. If you got your DD214 or some sort of documents if I remember correctly.

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