1. For anyone else confused, this has nothing to do with the Wayfinder game, which is being made by Airship Syndicate.

  2. Sounds like it won't be full-on MMO, but quite close.

  3. Those rumors were likely fake. This is what a verified former employee of BGS

  4. Which is my point. Bethesda wouldn't let them do full production on another game when they could be helping with the main projects.

  5. I guess some people just underestimate the effort it takes to run an AAA live service, and/or are still unaware that Fallout 76 was originally made by all branches of BGS. So they think there is only a skeleton crew on Fallout 76 now, leaving a large part of a studio to work on a secret new game. But it can be seen in the files and on LinkedIn profiles of the employees that 76 is still being worked on by a sizeable team, and that most artists and designers from the Austin office are either still active on it, or left BGS and are now at a different company. While others are indeed on Starfield, that is the main focus of BGS overall, this was stated both by a

  6. Yeah, Fallout 76 is very much still alive.

  7. Except that Amalur 2 would be an action RPG, not an action adventure

  8. This is the best (unofficial) showcase I've seen so far. It's completely transformative! Very exciting.

  9. Absolutely agreed. I've spent ages just in that city and it's completely transformed

  10. Well if you look at the images linked in the post, one of them has a timeline which shows five rounds of focus group testing before this one. Betas are closer to a marketing tool than anything these days.

  11. Even so, they should have held separate testing with Western players because the game will have to be tweaked accordingly if it has any chance of succeeding here.

  12. Why would they present anything on the west when there's not even a publisher confirmed, 5h are decent compared to what we had until now. I'd rather see if this is a dumpster fire on KR first.

  13. I found it to be better to manually install mods personally, and a few also need to be put last in the load order list too to work properly. Some mods will have compatiblity issues with others, and some require other mods to for that mod to work as well, so be sure to check on the mod page.

  14. By the way, the Fallout76Custom.ini created by Fallout 76 Quick Configurator added the mods to

  15. I honestly don't have a clue, that side of things is above my knowledge I'm afraid 😅

  16. In Lost Ark you can at least hide it 🗿🗿

  17. Settings game experience controls and display disable show my pet and show pet of others

  18. Thanks, but my issue really isn't with the pets. I'd like to disable non-themed cosmetics for the main characters since they are terribly immersion breaking.

  19. Like I said, September makes a lot of sense.

  20. Watch it be for Heartland lol.

  21. Massive is pretty busy with Star Wars and Avatar, so I doubt they have the bandwidth to do a brand new TD3. Best you can hope for is decent support for TD2.

  22. Genderlocked 'classes' and no male magic users. No thanks, I don't want to play Genshin Impact with Lost Ark shenanigans.

  23. It is not the same studio, just some people that worked on it and left to create another studio.

  24. In this case, the game is simply taking the answers live from ChatGPT, so of course there is some delay. But I can easily see developers embedding a finite number of options after sourcing them from ChatGPT or a similar technology. In that case, the responses would be instantaneous.

  25. In the end these sorts of quests will just be a dressed up versions of Daggerfall, where there is unlimited amounts of stuff to do that is largely meaningless. People remember investigating the lighthouse in Skyrim that became a horror story. No one remembers when a Dunmer merchant randomly asked you to retrieve an item off the body of the banditboss of a local cave.

  26. Uh, no. AI advancements since Daggerfall have been MASSIVE, especially in the last few years.

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