1. Tetris, satellites, high home ownership rates, lack of the Russian empire, industrializing a feudal shithole into a global power, etc.

  2. Tetris was only a success because it was exported to the West, Russian satellites were shit and didn't provide good data, the Russian Empire was industrializing before and probably wouldn't have gone through the famine Stalin caused. I have no comment on home ownership, that's fine.

  3. During Stalin multiple ethnic groups were deported, such as Volga Germans, Poles, Koreans, Chechens, Tartars, Crimean Greeks, and a whole lotta others. Russian language and culture was prioritized and idealized, other languages had their scripts replaced with the Cyrillic one, and even after Stalin Russians were given preferential treatment by the Soviet government.

  4. Some of these complaints are valid, but a lot of them can be blamed on left-wing policies.

  5. Well let's fucking hope they release it as a DLC so it actually works. Every time they rework a system without chaining it to a DLC it's trash. "We reworked fleet combat. Monofleets are out. Now instead of just spamming one type of ship, now you just make the same mixed fleet six times. It's completely different!"

  6. The issue is a balance one, not implementation per se. Anything that makes soft power "worth it" invalidates hard power. There is also the problem of ludonarrative dissonance as much of that 'soft power' you are referring to came about because total wars were no longer viable thanks to nukes. And Stellaris doesn't have anything that plays a similar role to nukes.

  7. I can see it being balanced around ethic choices; the ethics you choose basically determine your playstyle, IE xenophile is for diplomatic empires, militarists are for aggressive expansion, etc, and learn into that by making it a lot easier for one type of empire to play a certain way. It obviously could never be balanced perfectly, but as long as everything is roughly viable, it should be fine.

  8. The crack on my phone made it look like he was frowning. Nice art.

  9. Revolutionary Socialism provided the ideological basis for Fascism. National Syndicalism, anyone?

  10. I never build the Snowfox in playthroughs. Why would I, when I can use the Prawn suit instead? Sure, I give up some speed, but I gain inventory space, significant additional defense, and "never having to worry about being cold".

  11. You don't even give up speed; just bunnyhop and you can go so fast you glitch through the map.

  12. Below Zero bravely asked the question, "Would it be good to have a long, above-water section in our game about the Ocean?"

  13. I used the Prawn suit, and bunny hopping to build up insane speed was a ton of fun.

  14. On a similar note, the player should be able to customize the origin empire in Lost Colony

  15. You can kinda do that if you use the UNE/COM as the base for them. Just change the starting systems from Sol/Deneb.

  16. Calamitous birth used to fill a similar niche Subterranean did for lithoid empires-being guaranteed to have enough mineral districts to easily expand. Now it's kinda outclassed.

  17. Remnants is my favorite, not just because of flavor but because you're guaranteed an ecumenopolis with the previous relic world modifier, which increases your science output on the planet by 20%. Combine that with ecumenopolis' 10% bonus to all jobs and you get an insane science output.

  18. Actually, the Fasces which was used by the Italian Fascist Party, is an option.

  19. I get what you're saying, but I'm trying to bring that idea as close as to how it can reasonably exist in a modern industrial society. You can't expect every factory worker to own the assembly line they work on.

  20. Did you know that the progenitor to Fascism was explicitly an evolution of Socialist thought? National Syndicalism.

  21. Its funny how libs always take these authoritarians who believe in state censorship at their word when they call themselves communists. Almost like it’s just really convenient

  22. I doubt the Bolsheveiks or Chinese revolutionaries intended to establish totalitarian state-capitalist oligarchies. It's almost as if there's something fundamentally flawed with Communist ideology.

  23. Yep because the US just sits back and let’s socialists/communists try their best to build a nation state. They’ve never imposed state sanctions or funded counter revolutions or hired assassins to kill their leaders. They never even used the CIA to pay off fascists and criminals to mass murder communists anywhere just to make sure they’re never able to demonstrate there is an alternative to their neoliberal agenda. We definitely aren’t still finding bodies from these mass murders in the 60’s where I live now, which has a deeply authoritarian, basically fascist, but US friendly government. None of those things happened, right?

  24. The CIA had nothing to do with the likes of Stalin, Mao, or Castro coming into power, and in fact with the first two their respective Communist Parties attempted to get them out of the way beforehand. You're missing the real reason for their rise to power, and the reason why any rational country would oppose revolutionary Socialism: it is based entirely off of violence. That's not a hyperbole; the main thrust of the ideology is that compromise of any sort is class collaboration and a betrayal of Socialism, and that the only way to achieve Socialism is through violent revolution and a purge of anyone opposed to it. And they are correct, because compromising with Liberals, Conservatives, and anyone else will result in something other than Socialism.

  25. The introduction of a ranged attack for the dagger (thank you, Massive Monster) makes me optimistic for whatever the special attack for the hammer is going to be. I don't actually hate the hammer, and I'm fairly decent with it, but it does admittedly leave a lot to be desired when it comes to dealing with faster enemies like chaser worms or scamps. Maybe that's what the hammer's special attack is going to address?

  26. I personally love the hammer and always choose it when I have the choice.

  27. That's good to hear, I beat the game yesterday and I'm taking a break before I go for a "full-bastard" playthrough.

  28. I mean i ended up keeping "Cult of the Lamb" anyway cause it sounds cool and i couldnt think of anything better

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