Mouse Medic, Me, Digital, 2022

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  1. It's not my idea but it's great practice. It forces you to think ahead and simplify.

  2. i just finished a painting. it looked pretty much the same with 100 and 1000 brushstrokes.

  3. Yeah I understand. The last part of paintings goes really slowly if you render it a lot

  4. Yeah the practice kind of forces you to do that because of the limited brushstrokes. Also thanks

  5. May I ask what brush did you use?

  6. Thank you! I am not allowed to share as per the rules of

  7. Excellent art. It has great coloring, composition, story telling. And to top it off, there's something oddly satisfying about that potion. The way the glass is thick and the red fluid sits perfectly around that thickness in 3d space.

  8. I love this. Reminds me of my first Mouse Guard character character who was a medic

  9. Just looked it up. The artwork looks great for that game!

  10. I am deeply in love with this imagery and now I'm really hoping to see more WW1 Mice

  11. Great drawing. I love the little guy. The only observation is that his little arm band is the Swiss flag. If it was intended to be the Red Cross, the colors would be inverted.

  12. Thanks for the feedback. It was intended to be a red cross symbol. I thought I could get away with inverting the colors. The white on white shirt just wasn't as obvious

  13. This is what I come here for. Such amazing creativity! Very nice!!

  14. This is too cute not to have any feedback. I love the shape language you put into this.

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