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  1. I did it once, think my brain believed I was going into Guardian. Worst experience ever.. Don't understand why anyone would ever run CD in a group.

  2. Properly geared bard with good skills setup is one of the fastest chaos dungeon clearer, so much aoe

  3. I don't keep the extra trinkets for dps personally to do that, maybe that's why I'm so slow lol

  4. Hi! Thanks for the interest. If you send an email over to

  5. Just wondering if another pledge is too late?

  6. "No group wanted an inexpérienced support" .. watch the guides, you don't have to tell them, especially for valtan which is pretty easy

  7. It's Vykas I'm talking about joining learning groups for, not Valtan.

  8. I don't remember saying anyone is making anything up. I'm just speaking from my own experience

  9. That's most hunting animals. In the wild, one small scratch can become infected and kill them. They don't take risks unless they feel threatened or are absolutely starving.

  10. Servals are closer to house hold, but I see what you are saying

  11. Completely safe. They are also very silky to the touch. My mom used to have one as a pet a few years back. They're incredibly interactive for a fish

  12. Uh oh!! .... I finally started the automatic payments last month.... I'm guessing that was a bad move?

  13. Shaw charges me an additional $5 per phone line because I don't have automatic payments. This $6k charge is the reason I don't do that lol. You just never know.

  14. more likely is that OP's my rogers password was compromised which allowed the scammer to order new lines through "self service" options on rogers.com

  15. I work for a contracted company to troubleshoot services for one of America's most used ISP companies. You would be surprised how often people call in trying to have their 4 digit pin changed but can't remember their old one and have no real information about their account or personal information. It's not far off to say it could of easily been accessed because someone got sweet talked at Rogers

  16. Did you tell the EI employee how many hours of classes you're taking/week, or if you are a part-time or full-time student? Did he mention anything about not taking more than 60% (18 credits) of a 100% course load (30 credits)?

  17. Yes, they'll ask you those questions too if memory serves me correct. I was a full time student at Norquest when I was also on EI.

  18. Sorry to Necro as well, But how long did it take for you to get approved? I've been waiting for over a month now and still haven't recieved any word on what's going on with my claim

  19. This was back in 2020, so it was quite fast for me at the time. If you've been waiting more than 28 days, call them and they'll escalate it. Repeat that if you still don't get a call back within the time frame they give. Eventually they escalate it to same day you'll know if you're approved or not. My brother had the same issue midway through a lockdown in 2021.

  20. Since USA has this weird obsession with casting mid 20 year olds it makes sense to just make them university students. None look young enough to be teenagers

  21. I mean the girl who played Alison was 13/14 when the show started.

  22. Call and ask for the reference number

  23. Wouldn't it have been my fault for not being able to perform the duties of the position? And then being fired?

  24. It never hurts to put a claim in, tell your side of the story and see if EI will accept that. EI very well could accept that as a reason. I knew someone who was getting anxiety due to night shift hours at a job and he quit and was able to receive EI as his claim was accepted even with quitting. My bf had quit his job and he was getting EI benefits as well because he had a just reason to quit. At one point I was working for a company that I got injured at, filed for wcb, but was losing hours because they got mad over a wcb claim, so I quit, explained that to ei and got benefits.

  25. It doesn't sound like they took any steps at all lol they just quit when spoken to about performance

  26. Like I said, he can put in a claim and see what EI says. Worst happens is the claim gets rejected. No idea why I'm getting down votes for saying that lol

  27. I gave you a source lol that is the SKILLS DEVELOPMENT form that is REFERRED training

  28. Are you straight forgetting Service Canada is the ones who do Employment Insurance? That is the ONLY thing I can think for you to not be understanding any of this lol.

  29. Wtf are you talking about lmao yes service Canada issues employment insurance.

  30. I literally went to college, at Norquest College and was approved by EI. They were well aware of start and end dates, what classes I was taking, whether I was looking for work. They approved me for EI and I was told I did not need to look for work. I do not know what else to tell you. This was told to me by an EI agent.

  31. That's usually normal for a growing Kitty. It's just the adult teeth growing in.

  32. Some kittens get double canines, some don't. Nothing to worry about unless they don't fall out by 10 months or the kitten is having incredibly visible discomfort (not just the teething discomfort). He's my little sabretooth cub for now!

  33. The location of the double teeth is the location for canine teeth haha. Humans have canine teeth as well. Two top, two bottom.

  34. Is it about to lose its baby teeth? My cat had that happen, too! It fell out a day or two after I noticed it.

  35. Yes, he just got the double canines on both sides of his top canines earlier this week. Teething hasn't been a super pain for him. I'm not too worried about them though as it seems to happen to some cats and then falls out naturally. He's my young sabretooth cub for now lol

  36. Well obviously. But why would someone return one after putting ashes in it?

  37. Dunno, but I bought a cat urn off Amazon in their refurbished section that said "slight damage on the outside, less than 10%". Figured it wouldn't be too bad and I could just fix up whatever damage it was and put my cat's ashes inside. Turns out, there was another cat's ashes on the inside already. So now my kitty is in some velvet packaging sitting right next to the urn. I was too upset over losing my cat and then getting another cat's ashes I never bothered to complain at the time. That whole situation definitely made me feel a lot worse. Down the line I'll probably get the urn when the cat is still alive so I don't have to add that onto grieving. It's a weird thing to have to worry about, getting someone else's ashes.

  38. Most places that cremate pets also give you the option of receiving your pet's ashes back in a personalized urn. That way you don't have to buy your own.

  39. It's great if you can afford that and like the styles. I have done that for one cat and I loved the colours of the urn and my girl got her name on it. However I couldn't afford it with my other at the time, so I bought off Amazon instead. I plan to get urns before my current kitties pass on, but they're still under a year old so hopefully I have tons of time.

  40. Oh no. Sometimes birds puff up when they're sick.

  41. I work in a bakery! But, I’m not one of the bakers, so I’m not quite sure what these machines purpose are haha

  42. Just fyi I too used to think cats had to eat meat to survive and thrive but it turns out that this doesn't actually seem to be the case. I was very surprised to learn this, trust me. I'll leave a couple of references here but I definitely encourage you and anyone else to research this topic for yourselves if you can, your minds will be completely blown.

  43. This is not scientific evidence of proof. Why are you linking something without reading it fully? This question is in reference to you literally stating you did not read this in its entirety on another comment.

  44. I keep getting the same message. I assumed it was my internet. Maybe the servers are just down?

  45. She's definitely stressed out, which is why she's hiding. I would suggest keeping her in a single room by herself with food, water, a bed and a cat box. Go into the room for maybe half an hour every few hours and try to give her treats and just sit with her. This will help her get used to you. If you don't have a single room available for her, then try going down to Home Depot and picking up a couple giant cardboard boxes, tape them together and place her in a little "room" with all the essentials. Cover the front with a blank slightly, but allow some light through.

  46. I cant find the channel. Does someone have a link because I don't wanna scroll through animal abuse videos to report their channel. It didn't show up when I searched with the filter either

  47. It doesn't work if you keep telling someone to be vegan/vegetarian. The only way if that person decides by them selves.

  48. Nobody's becoming vegan because someone else tells them to. People change to a vegan lifestyle because they're made more aware of what's actually happening behind factory farming and they realize there's no justification for their actions in contributing to keeping these farms alive.

  49. I'm vegan myself. I live with my boyfriend who eats meat on a semi regular basis. He does try some of the vegan food I cook, but he can't have a lot of soy as it makes his stomach upset. He's extremely food picky that he can't have most sauces either unless they're homemade. I don't believe he was all that aware of what happens behind the scenes of factory farming prior to having someone in his life with a vegan lifestyle. Even something as simple as honey people don't realize how cruel the industry really is. He chooses now to use some of the sweeteners and wasn't aware of many options other than sugar or honey.

  50. Bathing isn't always super healthy for cats. Unless you're trying to kill off parasites or they fell in the toilet, no reason to do it.

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