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  1. This is how rich people in the know get a sweet plea deal sometimes. It’s like Comedy Central roasts.

  2. He probably will get a Comedy Central roast when this all blows over they can laugh about it

  3. I hear Justin Timberlake’s favorite vacation spot is on a bank of the Crimea River

  4. This stonk and all the other meme stonks are going to explode past Uranus, you’ll think your autist little brother dropped a cherry bomb in the commode, and that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!

  5. I think he’s trying to keep his fake eyeball in its socket while watching his puts redline down the screen

  6. Would you just buy already!! Talk is cheap blah blah I want to hear buy buy baby!!

  7. What dip are you waiting for?😍😍😍It was $3.20 yesterday 😍😍😍 and $2.97 Monday 😍😍😍

  8. I pay $2800 a month for child care. Close to $1500 a month in groceries. No such thing as equal living expenses with 4 kids.

  9. Your wife is supposed to watch the kids and not work that way you can get food stamps with one income and you don’t have to pay for any of that lmao

  10. Homie if you ain't got a job, how are you supposed to buy BBBY shares?

  11. You don’t suck because these people say you suck, you suck because Stone Cold said so, and that’s the bottom line!

  12. I don't think they did anything illegal but holy shit you could give me a hundred years and I still couldn't come up with a more immoral thing to do while on the confines of the law.

  13. You could introduce him to your mom, let them fall in love, get married, and then tell her…

  14. Too risky for me. Rambling only digs the hole deeper while I'm pulling scattered pieces of information from the top of my head to make a coherent point. Meanwhile people are giving the "What the fuck are you talking about" look as I try to say something to redirect their stares of judgement and confusion. Introvert's worst nightmare. Especially when you're right about what you're saying. It just sounds like Jordan Peterson gibberish to them but makes sense to me.

  15. And then you forget what you’re saying, while you’re saying it, get flustered, say umm a couple times, admit you’ve forgot, then remember but it’s too late, nobody cares and you think about it for a week?

  16. tsla recalls are actually over the air updates, and tsla cars dont explode...

  17. Yea, Teslas don’t explode when FSD malfunctions, they just cause a collision!

  18. Wait a minute...... BOTH major parties are just as full of shit? Who will we blame it on?

  19. Mac Miller. He was soo young and was working on so much more music. His loss hit me like a ton of bricks. RIP

  20. I remember, when… Mac passed, I thought about something I heard years before… Eminem was trying to help Justin Bieber into therapy and be a mentor, I wish he reached out to Mac instead

  21. Apple doesn’t have a huge problem, China has a huge problem

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